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Category: television

11/16/08 10:11 - 36ºF - ID#46703

Desperate House Wives

Sadly, after the fun time dancing on friday night, I did nothing really this weekend other than some programming for work and watch Desperate House Wives series 1. I have to say I am addicted and I hope they continue the same level of entertaining throughout the series.

Bree is my favorite character.


They even have a barbie doll of her now

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Category: dance

11/14/08 05:57 - 57ºF - ID#46691

Dancing Where?

It is crazy the next two night have a whole bunch of DJs I want to see and dance to but in places I don't really enjoy dancing at. I want a freakin' big ass dancefloor where I don't feel crowded. Its so sad that a giant space like Tabu closed down because nothing filled it and then you have places like OHM that have such tiny dance floors and have good DJs.

I really like Josh The Funky 1 I am so surprised they got him tonight at OHM. I think I am going to go anyways. Sadly, one of the local DJs I really like named Loony Toons is not playing tonight even though he is on the tour for the stop tomorrow night in Rochester.


I would much rather see him somewhere like this:


They tomorrow it is Happy Hardcore night, which I also always enjoy, but once again at Ohm. I wonder if I will even go to either. I mean its not a terrible place but I just really crave dance space.


Then there is also drum and bass at Staples. But it has the same small dance space problem.


Here is a pic of Tilt nightclub in Rochester. I haven't been there but this is the size space I want to go to. WHy can buffalo never maintain that. Thats why I miss Raves in warehouses or abandoned theatres, buildings, etc - sure there was asbestos but I would trade that for a good dance space, lol.

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Category: linwood

11/12/08 10:20 - 43ºF - ID#46668

Linwood Shooting and Street Mugging

I got an email from a member of the block club today saying there was a shooting on the Utica->west Ferry block of Linwood. Apparently, it didn't make it into the police report because they thought it was a pellet gun at first but it turned out to be a .22 calibur. I can't believe it took 12 days to find out about this considering we could have been more on the lookout if we knew. I really think the police should have some sort of a neighborhood crime information site to let people track crime in their neighborhood.

I just wanted to give everybody a heads up about an incident that happened on Linwood on 11/01. A couple were walking to their car and were held up at gunpoint. The wife's purse was stolen and the husband was shot in the leg with a .22 caliber gun. They were unable to identify the assailants to the police since it was about 1:30 in the morning and the two people were wearing hooded sweatshirts. The police and paramedics told the victims they thought it was a pellet gun that was used. The victims went to the emergency room and were informed by the doctors it was a .22 caliber bullet.

That night, 2 other shootings occurred. Both victims were shot in the leg. One of the shootings occurred on Fillmore. Interesting note, the wife's bank card, in the stolen purse, was used to buy gas on Fillmore. Unfortunately, that gas station doesn't have cameras. The police are investigating, but it doesn't look like the perpetrators will be identified. The crime did not make the Buffalo News because the police report list the weapon as a pellet gun(So I have heard)

Please be careful.. Make sure to have some outside lights on outside.... Don't put yourself in vulnerable positions...Be AWARE of your surroundings

We used to rent an apartment ont hat block back in 2003-2005 and I have to say I always felt that part of the street was way sketchier thanks to the Utica/Main street area. Nicer houses, sketchier neighborhood/apartment building scenario. I hated taking the subway home form UB and getting off there. People think Allentown is sketchy, but honestly, there are a lot more people around which makes it not half as scary.
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Category: linwood

11/12/08 09:45 - 41ºF - ID#46655

Cleaning The Gutters

We just got new gutters a couple months back but the one side of the roof, which is being destroyed by our neighbors giant maple tree was full of leaves and crap. I always wondered why they had yankee gutters, maybe it was to prevent build up of leaves.

We bought this ladder pusher outer thing from the gutter people. It makes going up on the ladder on a house with ransoms, doable.


After we got the ladder up.

(e:Terry) up the ladder, we took turns. It was actually quite fun, although a little scary the first time.

Anyhow, the roof on that side looks about 100 years older than the roof anywhere, where there is no a tree right on top of it. Its sad because the tree is beautiful and I love it but clearly part of it has to be cut back. Does anyone have a tree guy/girl to call?

The side of the roof under the tree is also covered in moss from the constant shade and dripping the tree makes. I can't decide if this is good or bad. I mean the roof does not leak at all and considering all the damage I think the moss must have protective qualities.


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Category: blogs

11/11/08 12:21 - 41ºF - ID#46645

Buffalo News Article about blogs

I found a link to this in our referral logs. Apparently, there was an article called "Buffalo Blogs are a lot more than just bluster: College Students' Guide to Buffalo" I love how they referal to the area as the "Elmwood Village strip." You know my feelings on it


This is the self-proclaimed "original neighborhood blogging community" of Buffalo - inspired specifically by the Elmwood Village strip.

A fairly sophisticated site, it allows for image, sound and video embedding, as well as a mobile/dial-up site for the blogger who just can't wait until he or she gets home to tell everyone about that squirrel fight in Delaware Park.

Blogging topics on this site are broad, including but not limited to animals (with such delightful posts as "A bird in the hand means poop on the car" and "Chinese death camp for cats") and Food ("Dave don't eat it!" and "Subway. Finger-licking Freedom").

Turns out, the Elmwood strip is a popular hangout in cyberspace, too.

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Category: computers

11/11/08 11:28 - 41ºF - ID#46643

Windows being windows, mac being windows

A fun morning of windows being windows. Oh how I miss painting with frozen windows on the mac.


And then mac decided to be windows too. Why on earth does it need a system restart in order to add RAW image file support to iPhoto? Did they forget this is a unix based OS where you can restart services, re-read config files, etc or what!
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11/09/08 09:42 - ID#46621 pmobl

It's snowing

First time I actually saw it snow this year.
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Category: food

11/09/08 03:09 - 41ºF - ID#46615

Shopping on the Local side

We decided to head down to the local grocers today instea dof going to wegman's for a couple of reasons.

1. Its more exicting
2. Better deals
3. Its something to do
4. Calvins Furitnute was going out of business.
5. I wanted ortiz brand tuna fish and only premier had it.

Calvins had nothing. Sadly, the furniture was really picked through. That's what we get for going the last day.

So off it was to Gino's itlian store on Somerton and Elmwood in Kenmore. I picked up a lb of olives and some really cheap bay leaves. It's nice that he remembered who I was.


Bay leaves can be super expensive and I got a whole baggie full for only $2.50. I also bought some sicilian canned tuna for $1.50 in order to compare with the Ortiz I was planning on buying at premier.

In the same plaza as Gino's there was an asian grocer I had never been too. They had a ton of stuff I otherwise can never get including giants squids, 3 for $5.00. Not giant like super giant but giant like bigger than calamari.


I also got some potato starch noodles labeled potato torch noodes. Even in the ingredients it said potato torch.

So then we headed off to premiere. I got the oritz tuna I wanted but not the expensive filet can, only the chunk peices can for $5.


So I will never know what the best Tuna Fish in the world is like. Well maybe for my birthday but I could not justify $15 for a tiny can of tuna. They didn't even have the $18 can of tuna bellies I was looking for anyways.


So you may wonder what even prompted the search for the fancy tuna fish. It was that show Spain - On the Road Again with Gweneth Paltrow and Mark Bittman - the food reviewer. not to mention Claudia Bassols their translator who is so super hot. She alone makes the show worth it. Add the amazing images, amazing food, gwyneth Paltrow and its one of my favorite shows. I even bought the cookbook.


You can buy epsiodes on itunes
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Category: marriage

11/09/08 10:47 - 43ºF - ID#46613

Call for an end to state based marriage

(e:james) said in the comments on his journal

The great irony of this is that gay people are saying to the social conservatives "Hey, we want to be like you. We want to take part of the great civilizing force, marriage." It is the most conservative thing the GLBT community has ever done. (e:james,46594)

That got me thinking about my true feelings on the issue of gay marriage. At first I was just mad at the Christian conservatives over prop8, then I thought just maybe they are saving homosexuality from becomming the new heterosexuality.

Taking out the B and T
First of all I don't think the B part of GLBT is saying much about this. It doesn't make sense unless they are living in denial or in some closet of their sexuality. How can you be bisexual and commit to just one person. If you really want that you can already have it, marry the opposite sex, have sex with same sex on the side. Why not, just not marry at all? I think we should probably leave them out. Even T isn't really that concerned if you think about it, because they can make the switch and actually get married.

So basically, it is just a GL issue and even in that group, in is a sub-group of those in conservative gay relationships like (e:jim) and (e:james), (e:lauren) and (e:fellyconnelly), or (e:mike) and (e:libertad).

Down with State Marriage
Seeing as I have no benefit to gain from gay marriage due to my non-traditional family unit - I am moving my suppport for promoting gay marriage to the abolition of state marriage movement altogether. I think there are probably more straight guys that would join me on this one, than on allowing gay marriage, lol.

I say let there only be state civil based unions. People appoint whoever they want as health proxy /visitation rights, inheritor, health insurance partner, tax incentives etc and get rid of the marriage part. We just need strreamline that process of appointing someone.

If two traditionalist heteros or hetero styled, gay conservatives still want to be married they can. I am not saying make marriage illegal. It would just have to be a religious marriage or a private commitment ceremony for the non-believers. Why involve the state?

That way there needs to be no voting about the term marriage ever again and traditionalists can still protect their faith based marriages. I bet by changing the words on it, conservative would have less problem with equal rights. I mean imagine the "protect hetero-only partner, health care visits" posters - they just wouldn't carry the same weight.

In the end
I guess in the end I am more for an even playing field than for marriage.
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11/08/08 03:56 - ID#46599 pmobl

Fire men

The firemen are here!
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