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Category: technology

04/20/12 07:50 - ID#56369

The Infotech Niagara Beta Awards 2012

The photos from the beta awards are up on the infotech niagara facebook page

I stole the ones of me to post here seeing as all the pics I have from that night (e:paul,56319) were dark.

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Category: technology

10/05/11 08:37 - ID#55242

Bye Steve

Its the end of an era.

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Category: technology

01/19/08 04:10 - ID#42954

Bye, bye OLPC - Sold

Well that was quick, I sold the OLPC (e:paul,42673)

I can't believe someone bought it for "buy it now" $300 on ebay in like 10 minutes after I put it up. Clearly, I underestimated the value. Considering we spend $400 for both and one was for charity, making $300 back on it was an insane deal. We also got a free year of tmobile hot spots out of it.

Well that pays for the nokia n810 which I think is a much better linux based internet device for me.

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Category: technology

01/18/08 11:31 - ID#42945

The best geek toy ever

I know, the best geek toy ever would really just be the parts but considering I have a soldering iron, a basic stamp, a GPS chip and a bunch of other CMOS chips, etc and none of them are doing anything - i wouldn't mind having this partially finished box of parts with a Linux system and an eclipse based Java SDK


If only it had GSM I could just make my own phone!

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Category: technology

01/18/08 10:55 - ID#42944

Crazy Day

I had so much to do today but a million things came up including this meeting where we talk about If Disney Ran Out Hospital. The best part was I got to have a lot of fun playing with some networked controlled cameras. I really like programming involving some sort of extra hardware and the web. Maybe I should work so NASA or Deep Sea Exploration of something.

So it's my birthday coming up so soon. On the 22nd I will officially be 31 years closer to dying than I started.

I want to want some electronic but there is nothing left that I want. Last year I got the Nokia N800 I kind of wanted the Nokia N810 but really the only difference between that than the N800 is the keyboard and GPS which my new phone already has. Not to mention no store has it right now. What I really want its the Nokia N810 but with phone line, not just voice over IP and that doesn't exist.

I want a totally open, totally accessible, linux based cellular phone with all the hardware capabilities of the nokia 810. So basically, that with a phone in it. Supposedly they will have a wimax version someday.

I wish it would just happen now as a GSM phone. Its so weird because the Nokia 7710 was almost there and I loved it but I wanted linux and then came the Nokia 770 and 800 but lacked phone. None of those had GOS or keyboard and now the 810 has GPS and keyboard but lacks phone. Its like they alway get so close to getting it right. Maybe I need to just hack it so that I can pull the gsm parts out of the Nokia 7710 and put them in the Nokia 800. That way I could have the best of both worlds. Oh ya, but minus the GPS, argh.

If only the iphone had a real keyboard and was more open. So back to where I was at there is nothing I want, short of a computer controlled microscope which I know I am not allowed to have yet. Imagine how crazy I could go then.
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Category: technology

11/26/06 12:34 - ID#32830

Squirting a Song - The zunesquirt

You will never believe that Microsoft chose to name the act of sharing a song with Zune over wifi - "squirting." Yes squirting. If you type squirt (GOOGLE - squirt) or squirting (GOOGLE - squirting) into google you can see there are a multitude of other meaning that all deal with sex or shitting. I wonder if those sites will be sad when wireless music sharing comes up first. Why did they not call it "zuning" which would have tied in better with the name of the product?


How funny would it be if you got a virus from unprotected squirting?

Quoted from newsweek

Nov. 27, 2006 issue - Have you squirted a song yet? That's the question Microsoft hopes your friends will ask you as you ponder which digital music player to acquire. Although you are more likely to buy an iPod this season-something even Microsoft admits-the software giant from Redmond is running a huge marketing campaign that it hopes will plant some seeds of doubt. After all, iPods don't squirt songs. And Microsoft's new player, Zune, does.

The catch is that the squirt is fast-drying-in three days it goes away. Or, if the recipient plays it three times within that period, it evaporates after the third spin. This is because Microsoft cut a lousy deal with the record labels, which still regard innovative digital schemes as potential piracy threats, as opposed to potential sales boosters. My guess is that people will be turned off that the songs expire so quickly.

Here is an article that someone has written on roughly drafted about the zune.
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