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Category: drugs

08/29/09 08:17 - ID#49651

Benedryl Dreams

The last couple days my allergies have been so outrageous even on claritin that I turned to benedryl. It make me insane pretty much. I have these really intense dreams most of which are not publically sharable.

I told some of you about the one where orprah got exposed for having slaves so as repayment a judge sentenced bunch of hippies to decend on her ranch ( I think this was inspired by the woodstock movie commercial). Turned out it was the one where she kept the treasured set of star gate ( a show I never watched) and for some reason I was the computer tech coordinating it all.

I overhead the hippy oganizerss saying they were going to bleach the costumes - needless to say oprah went totally mad and they had to tie her down.

Last nights dream was even crazier and I ended up trying crack that (e:jason) brought to some part in my dreams. Sorry (e:jason) I have no idea what in my subconscious associated you and crack but damn it was some powerful stuff. Everytime you smoked it, it made sparked and smoked and mini nuclear fallout clouds over the pipe.
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Category: drugs

04/03/07 12:38 - ID#38725

Has anyone tried foxy?

I was reading about club drugs during my day of recuperating and pop culture and found all these references to 5-Methoxy-diisopropyltryptamine it is also called foxy (WIKIPEDIA - 5-MeO-DIPT) - which has been illegal since 2003.

It was listed along side GHB, LSD, ecstacy, and crystal - I never ever heard of it. The article I was reading was about sindergarten, some sort of druggy school bus for elite high school students in NYC. You can read the whole article on radar It sounds insane.

Here is some more info about foxy on erowid and some medical info

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Category: drugs

03/13/07 09:50 - ID#38438

Neosporin Induced Insanity

I had this cut in my mouth and decided to put neosporin on it despite the for external use only warning. I had the craziest most vivid dreams ever. I wonder if it is related. I could easily become a neosporin junky if it is related.
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Category: drugs

11/04/06 02:56 - ID#32810

Salvia Divinorum

On our trip down Haight Asbury yesterday we saw signs for Salvia Divinorum. It is a legal yet hallucinogenic mint plant. Here is tons of info. I had tried smoking the leaves with (e:terry) and (e:mattew) before and it was very mild and kind of fun. We had ordered the dried leaves online back in 2003.

The thing about it is the experience only lasts around a half hour. Compared with other non-legal hallucinogens that is a very short trip.


In the shop here we got 25x extract, they didn't even sell leaves. No large amount leaves to smoke like in my past experience. In fact I think that is what limited the effects previously. It is basically just a tiny bit of crunched up leaves soaked in extract. They sell it lots of places online like

It was very intense and we all were talking nonsense. (E:iriesara) kinda freaked out . I think she may have had a bad reaction as she turned all red and got all crazy. She was really freaked out by the carpet.


(e:twisted) ended up falling backwards and ending up in another universe that was deconstructing and reconstructing.

They can probably describe it a lot better.

It did make everything look quite insane. Lots of concentric geometric patterns constructed from a view of the environment we were in. Strangely, I remember saying that everything was pointed and prickley, which I think I remember commenting about in previous experiences.

I think I wasn't very freaked out because of my previous experience with it.

I definitely would not suggest trying it if you are not confortable being totally freakin' out of control.

I really have no idea how it can be legal but it is.
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Category: drugs

12/09/05 07:53 - ID#32396

Bus Stop To The Afterlife

So yesterday I was talking about the smoking hut bus stop in the middle of the roswell campus. Today I got a pic.

It is the middle of everything with no access road or anythin but it looks just like a metro bus stop.

Today for lunch we had Casa Di Pizza at an IT meeting followed by all kinds of food at a Holiday party.



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Category: drugs

09/22/05 06:21 - ID#32249


Last night I was overcome by an urge to buy cigarettes. This is weird because I quit smoking several weeks ago and had been really good about not having them. Something inside seriously wanted one - probably the sheer bordeom of my mind numbing job. There is just something about rolling and smoking cigarettes that I cannot consistantly say no to since I was about 13. I mean I don't smoke everyday or even every week or month but when I do I can't stop and then I quit for a long time again. I have no idea what controls this cycle.

Luckily, (e:matthew) was having a similar craving but for ice-cream - so the trip to the store got me a pack of samson.




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Category: drugs

08/28/05 04:37 - ID#32195

needles in the streets

This is the first time I ever saw a hypodermic needle in the streets of Buffalo.
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