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Category: bars

10/25/13 02:43 - ID#58187

Out with Terry and Joe and the Siblings

We went out last night to invite people to our Halloween party. Was a pretty fun night fueled by drink specials.

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Category: bars

10/05/13 01:13 - ID#58114

The Gypsy Parlor on Grant Street

Last night we headed down to the Gypsy Parlor on Grant Street. The atmosphere was pretty cool. I would have never expected this place over there. I guess I just barely leave Allentown so I don't know what's out there.

The food was great. I wish I snapped some pics of it. We had a lamb burger, poutine (which is fries covered in gravy and cheese curds), Burmese egg rolls, Pastilllos.

The bartendresses were hot and had great gypsy coin jingle skirts. They also had a large dancefloor and DJ.

The drink specials all sounded tasty and were reasonably priced but I stuck with wine as that is how I started the evening. They had a delicious malbec.

In the end I would definitely go back.


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Category: bars

12/01/12 11:55 - ID#56948

At a bar in cheektowaga. Glad I live in the city.


Animated gifs on mu blog reminds me of the early 2000s.

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Category: bars

07/15/12 02:52 - ID#56615

Strange Evening At The Funky Monkey

That place is just too damn bright.

Their very nice and slippery dance floor makes up for it partially.

For years I would just drink vodka and tonic water but I am tired of tonic. My new favorite drink is absolut flavored vodkas and water as the mixer. Of all of them, my favorite so far, is either the Ruby red or the citron. Haven't tried pear yet and the peach was not as good as the citrus ones.

Terry's new favorite flavor is vanilla.

Mike has turned getting ill into a near Olympic sport.

I ate a hot dog with nacho cheese from a street vendor.

Wish me luck on my next plane flight. The one I just got off of was pretty turbulent.




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Category: bars

02/13/11 02:15 - ID#53604

HIV testing at a bar?

Last night they had HIV testing at Cathode. A bar seems like such a weird place to have HIV testing. I would imagine being drunk at a bar might not be a good place for getting possibly devistating news.

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Category: bars

05/05/06 10:31 - ID#32593

rejected at goodbar

I am never going to goodbar again. Walked their or (e:jenks)'s birthday they refused me entrance because my license is expired. What the hell is that about?

It's so fucking retarded because I used to go there with chalked ID when I was like 17, so what is the deal now that I am six months short of 30.

I see no reason why an expired license should even matter. I am obviously the person on the card and I am not trying driving.

This is one thing I really hate about america.
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