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Category: life

01/03/16 02:07 - ID#60386

Dec 19th to New Years

So much stuff happened in the last 12 days. I have been so lame about posting. Part of the time I had no cell phone.

First there were the christmas holidays. (e:terry) left (e:joe) and I and went to Florida. We were sad, I was jealous too. (e:joe) hates warm weather so he wasn't as jealous. Luckily, it was insanely warm here. I think we even hit 60 degrees.

I got a new hat. I love my new hat. Unfortunately, right now it smells like a camp fire.


We ate a lot of food at Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I wish I got pictures of the finished plate.


Got so many gifts. A cake tray, a clothes steamer, vegtables spiralizer, a stainless steel rice cooker, a bed in breakfast tray.
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Category: life

01/11/15 10:39 - ID#59745

Digital Immortality

This is in response to (e:uchina,59740).

Imagine if you could text message chopsticks based on the history of what she had written and a computer program to approximate her responses. Would it satisfy you more than the medium?

I never really thought about being able to be recreated at the level portrayed in a recent Black Mirror episode but now I think about it all the time.

I know its long but just watch it, you will appreciate it.

I feel so jealous when I think about the kids a generation or two from now that will have most of their lives available in HD VR format during the same time that most of my earlier memories will just vanish into senility. I guess they can't embellish the way i will be able to when I am elderly.

I wish so bad that I could have digitally recorded my Nonna talking to me in VR before she died. Something that you could share with other people and revisit.

I have just about no images from all my crazy adventures as a high school and undergrad college student. Its kills me that I spent a long while in Africa in fall of 1997 and traveled to my families ancestral farm in italy and have no pictures of any of it. If I didn't have some clothing I bought there I would start to doubt I even went.

Many of the images I do have from earlier periods are just images of some landscape. It funny how those things seemed so important when I took the photos, to show to people who I thought could never see those things - but now just about any landscape can be found on google now whereas pictures of the people you care about, frozen in time can not be.

Now I wish I took more pictures of the people I was with and more video.
(e:Terry) hates being in photo and video. Its a miracle I managed this video of us on our trip around America in the summer of 2000. It seems like lifetimes ago.

At the same time at some point it become an issue of quantity. If you 1 to 1 ratio recorded everything that happens in your life, it would take 1 entire lifetime to review it.

Sadly, I censor a huge part of my life now for no good reasons. I basically have turned my journal into a shell of food and dancing reviews. I figure I can pick back up in a post-retirement expose style.
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Category: life

02/14/14 12:36 - ID#58676

Being Miserable

My hair is falling out and my tooth is inflamed so bad I am going to need a redo on the root canal I got on my birthday last year and its Friday. I just got out of work and I'm still not done with all the work that needs to be done because I literally spent the entire day answering questions of every sort so that when everyone else was gone, I had to start my actual work.

On a positive note I get to go to Florida on the 22nd for a work conference. I the negative side, I found out about it so late and get acceptance even later that all the hotels were booked so I had to stay a 50 minute walk away. The only place that rents bikes is like 2 hours from there and none of the streets have bike lanes anyways. Guess I am going to hope for public transit or rent a car. I really don't want to rent a car but I am not sure how else it can go.

I just hope my tooth is resolved by then. I wish there was a 24 hour endodontist that took my health insurance.

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Category: life

01/17/14 11:17 - ID#58582

Whats Going On With Me

Work is totally consuming, I haven't been doing anything other than work recently. I seriously work like 60 hours a week. At least it is extremely interesting and always changing. I always feel like we are trying to get to the end of another, OMG, we need to create this complex, highly integrated, inter-system solution that we were supposed to finish a month ago, and here are the few minor details we thought through - run with it. Honestly, it is a feeling and pace which I kind of enjoy and they really do give me a lot of free reign and control over the projects.

However, there is also all this other unimportant meta work and bureaucracy that creeps up 24 hours a day and needs to go away at some point in my career. Its that crap that kills me. I want some firewall between me and that work. Kind of like how the physicians have midlevels. If I don't handle all their smaller issues around the clock that build up. Most of the issues don't even have anything to do with me, people just come to me for my problem solving skills which seem to be more honed than most. A lot of them come from technology phobic end users. I am starting to think that my problem solving skills are not a blessing but rather a curse as I am literally inundated with what I consider simple issues that other people are freaking out about.

Well that is that. Tomorrow we are supposed to go dancing in Rochester. So I will get one evening to relax. Unfortunately, I was having some horrible Urinary Tract Issue that involved having to get a cystoscopy this morning at 7am. Lets hope tomorrow is less peeing blood from the cystoscope cutting my urethra and more fun dancing.

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Category: life

03/02/13 12:12 - ID#57315

The Kitchen Stink

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Category: life

02/25/13 04:02 - ID#57289

I am not a robot

Contrary to popular belief I am not a robot who can just turn off my feelings. I am going to focus on working on the house.

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Category: life

02/16/13 07:13 - ID#57254

They are watching anime...

...I am watching them ;) Seems like the start of a another great night.


I can't wait to dance tonight at Bass Mountain at Dnipro. Heres the linup from their facebook page.


8:45-9:30 BETA
9:30-10:15 POTENT J
10:15-11 MARIO BEE
1-2:15 **SHIFTEE**
2:15-3:30 **TERRAVITA**
3:30-5 LOKI


8-9 ROLA
9-9:45 BEN E J
9:45-10:30 LOONEY TUNES
10:30-11:15 STUNTMAN
11:15-12:15 SWAGGLEROCK
1:15-2:15 PAUL K
2:15-3:30 SPACE JUNK (LIVE)


12-2 SCRO
2-3:15 DAY V JONES
3:15-5 BEN E J


12-1 SGM

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Category: life

01/13/13 12:08 - ID#57134

Mike's Hard Lemonade Tornado

After the really long and stressful unpaid, overtime friday I got a visit from the Mike's Hard Lemonade monster. I wasn't home - out with (e:mike) while when most of it happend but it pretty much wrecked a whole lot of stuff including destroying my outdoor electric socket and just about every flower power I have. Then it ripped the wind shield wipers off (e:puddlediving)'s car. Not just the easily removable wiper part either. It ripped them down to the motors which is likely hundreds of dollars in damage.

The police came but no one pressed charges because despite it being passed out on my porch in a puddle of damaged stuff, and threatening the entire night, it denied everything. I also felt bad enough for it so I didn't press charges and the monster got taken home by the police instead of off to jail. Even after that it continued to threaten me the next morning via text. I've decided its time for a restaining order come monday. I want the kind where it can never talk to me ever talk again.













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Category: life

05/26/12 01:13 - ID#56483

Cuter Days

I want to be young again.

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Category: life

04/13/12 01:41 - ID#56352

Stressful Day

I saw 6AM and it it wasn't pretty. I need a a vacation.
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