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01/30/10 04:40 - 10ºF - ID#50943 pmobl

Someone likes apples

I threw an apple is basra's bedroom and around 3 minutes later it was
gone accept for the apple sauce on his face.
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01/30/10 10:46 - 3ºF - ID#50941

Madonna's veins

I found this pic here, it is so freakin huge, it takes a while to load: To give her credit, I don't think the pics have been airbrushed like model pics normally are.

That being said: I know the background is distracting, but check out the veins on her arms /hands. Why bother with the gloves once you can see right through them. Being someone with big arm veins, I can sympathize but It really gives away her plastic surgery "secret." - so why bother. She could just grow old at this point. Surely there is some kind of collagen filler for something like that. If not, I wonder if when she stops dancing, she will have her arms removed or replaced so that she can still look good in photos.


Here are links to the rest of the huge pics:

Why is she bleeding here?

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01/30/10 12:09 - 8ºF - ID#50939 pmobl

Now and layers

I loved them so much as a kid. I am going to guess I may have eaten
somewhere are 10,000 packs in my life. They taste do good and I like
them crunchy and old or soft and new. Sadly, they are made out if
complete crap and I gave up eating them in 2006. There is honestly
not one redeaming incredient. My tastebuds cry sometimes when I see
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01/29/10 11:15 - 8ºF - ID#50938

New estrip

In the pinkest colors ever. I wonder if I will release it this weekend. Its really a toss up between that and fun work projects - who will win.


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Category: phones

01/29/10 03:41 - 13ºF - ID#50932

Matt's Iphone #3 - bargain prices at ATT

Speaking of iphone (e:hodown,50930)

(e:matthew) is on iphone number 3. The first one died when he got so excited about obama being elected that he threw his phone on the floor and it shattered. The second one just died yesterday. When the first one died we went to the apple store and ended up paying $199 for a new one.

This time I had the idea to go ahead and search for refurb models. Believe it or not AT&T has refurbished iphone 3g's for only $49. I wish I knew that the first time. Not only that it came with a new charger and headphone. The two of those cost more than $49 at the apple store without the phone. I know because we have bought plenty of them.

It comes with a 90 day warranty too, which is the same warranty length he got on his last refurbished iphone from the apple store at $199.

This picture is very shiny but I did it on purpose to show the lack of scratches. It is perfect condition.


You need an AT&T contract - I got it from here

The 3G is slightly slower than the 3GS but it is much fast that the 2G iphone. It also has no compass or video recording. Also the shipping was fast. I went with the free shipping and it came in two days.
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01/28/10 10:33 - 11ºF - ID#50926

Gabe Mayer of Buffalo

Hey Gabe Mayer,
You don't know me and I don't have contact info for you but I bought the house you used to live in on Linwood and now someone is looking for you. I figure maybe you will google yourself sometime and see this.

The person sent the following message:

Please call 716-397-4265 when you can. Trying to find Gabe Mayer. He designed a website for my company but can't get through to him. Any info would be great

Maybe this will help you two find each other.
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01/25/10 03:37 - 34ºF - ID#50906 pmobl

Is this even snow anymore?

What gives these chunky black mounds such great stability?
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01/24/10 08:53 - 44ºF - ID#50901 pmobl

I officially love my kitchenaid

The first thing I am made is coconut meringue cookies. I know it's
lazy but I really enjoy "just press" mixing. It sure beats the hand
crank mixer I have been using the last ten years.
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Category: hiking

01/23/10 05:18 - 37ºF - ID#50892

Trip to Times Beach

We went to Times Beach this afternoon and spent time in the sun. I even took off my shirt for a while to maximize vitamin D production. The ice was still pretty thick, I walked out pretty far till I heard that scary cracking - the titanic hit an iceberg - noise and headed back in. It didn't stop me from skating around off shore for a bit which was so great in the sun. It made the very top very wet and slippery.


Tonight we are off to dinner with Robert and James. What a busy weekend.
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Category: holidays

01/22/10 09:41 - 27ºF - ID#50888

The best birthday ever

The massage at The massage Studio on Allen was awesome. I never had anyone massage by butt or feet before, it was great. No, I know what you are thinking, but there was no happy ending.

Then I got lots of choxie, plus the entire O.C. series on DVD plus bonus material. Maybe (e:mike) will watch it with me.

Then, I got a new albino pet bird. I love it. I am going to name it albini.

Then we went to one of the nicest dinners I have had at Rue Franklin . We were one of the first people to arrive. By the time we left it was packed. I had squab (Roast squab with Belgian endive, raisins, pinenuts and cardamom. Served medium-rare ) which is basically a baby pigeon


The weird part is that is was borderline raw but on purpose. I actually thought it tasted pretty great - I would get it again. I hope they are raised on a farm and not wild. Apparently, I like the taste of raw pigeon.

So the funniest part was about halfway through the meal in comes an 80 year old guy and his wife/companion who looked about 50. She had breasts bigger than lola ferrari. I know I exaggerate all the time but this was so for real. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at her. I wonder what that must feel like. They were literally larger than basketballs approaching beach balls. Basically just like this:


When we got home (e:terry) and (e:matthew) gave me a bigger box of choxie chocolates and one of the best gifts of all, the gift that keeps on giving - a kitchenaid icecream maker attachment for the new kitchenaid mixer I got from my parents.

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