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Category: stuff

12/14/12 03:25 - ID#56994

Sometimes You Have To Sue

Sometimes "friends" steal $600 and act like just okay because, "sometimes you got to do what you got to do." ... which in those cases is sue them.

The court house has some nice art.
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Category: stuff

01/28/12 12:23 - ID#55994

Makeup for toddlers

I never realized the only reason people didn't let their little girls whore up with makeup was because of synthetic ingredients.

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Category: stuff

07/08/11 09:23 - ID#54667

Nine Freakin Ninety Nine

It seems amazing that this is at the counter at rite aid on elmwood at this time of year. Not only that but its $9.99. Its 2 tiny pieces of plastic. There is more substance to the packaging.

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Category: stuff

03/03/11 08:53 - ID#53760

The dream light in transit for a month

I ordered this lamp I wanted on Feb 27th. I didn't check the options on shipping. I must have gotten stuck with ground shipping. It left the facility in CA on Feb 28th. The estimated arrival time is March 21st. I am now wondering if it is being shipped by bike courier or pony . Leave it to the USPS to make it as slow as possible. Shipping was $6.99 and it is a tiny desk lamp.

Shipment Date:     February 28, 2011
Origination:     Bell Gardens CA, United States
Destination:     Buffalo, NY, United States
Estimated Arrival:     March 21, 2011

According to google maps , this is 1 day and 16 hours of driving away. Now I know that is non-stop and that the truck will probably take breaks but 3 weeks worth?
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Category: stuff

02/05/11 10:11 - ID#53553

Retro or Trash?

I couldn't decide if this watch at JCPenny's was supposed to be 80s Retro or if it was just a cheap crappy watch.

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Category: stuff

10/23/09 05:37 - ID#50086

Book Man

(e:terry) and I went to an estate sale on Irving today. They had a lot
of amazing stuff but everything was in the $300-$3000 range and I'm
not in a place for that right now.

An interesting aspect of the sale was this bookshelf full of books
that all had "man" in the title. It would be so weird to have people
going through all your stuff.
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Category: stuff

02/11/08 12:31 - ID#43271

Random Stuff

I reconfigured my work area. Fianlly, a desk with enough space to actually work.

What is this car part? I found it in my Grandfather's stuff when I was trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. It seems like someone with this car would really want the part but I can't seem to idenitfy it. It is is perfect condition and made out of really heavy solid metal/steal/chrome.

It looks so retro futuristic




I set up the old server with the graphic card that used to be in it. Before it was the estrip server for two years, it was my 3D rendering station. I remember buying this FireGL X1 256MB graphic card for $1000 with my student loan money. It was so freakin' awesome at the time in 2003. Now laptops have that much graphic memory ;( It's probably worth nothing now. Luckily, it is worth something to (e:terry) who can use it to play warcraft on the machine.

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Category: stuff

02/08/08 10:50 - ID#43253

New TV, old roomate, boston market

So the new HD TV came today. So seeing as we don't have cable, we got one of those HD antennas. Did you know there are three, yes three, PBS stations over the air with HD.


HD moveis are redic expensive. Like $40 and the BBC Earth movie (e:matthew) wanted was like $100 in HD. Unfortunately/fortunately, we don't have an HD or bluray player because we went with the Xbox instead of the playstation 3. What a stupid mistake that was. Playstation has built in wifi, built in power brick and blueray player. I think we are going to sell the Xbox and get one. A blueray player is $399, a playstation 3 is $399. Who buys just the bluray player? I also hear dthe playstation was silent compared with the really load xbox.

Now the room is covered in visually animated surface areas. This is the view from my computer station.


So the TV has already caused major drama as (e:matthew) wanted to watch a movie and our roommate was watching the new TV and has a cold in our den - which sent (e:matthew) over the edge because he wantedt o play with his new toy and me over the edge because you know how I am about sick people in my spaces. Well at least some of you do.

Most of all, I hate it when (e:matthew) is angry, it makes me angry. Eventually, the doorbell rang and I didn't want to get it because I thought it was the beginning of a full evening of interpersonal drama that would have made him angrier.

(e:matthew) said don't answer it, roomie answered it. Roommate yells he doesn't want to hear the doorbell ring, I yelled then move out. Then he answers the door, (e:matthew) goes ballistic - roommate gets 30 day notice. At now maybe we can just live in peace. I feel bad in a way because he was not a bad roommate but we just don't want one anymore. I am over the whole feeling guilty with too much space thing and I want to take over that bathroom again. It will be so nice to have two showers again and an extra bathroom for guests. Like this morning (e:matthew) and I had to be at work at the same time.

So I am done teaching the PHP class for the week. I think it went pretty awesome. I hope that the people in the class enjoyed it as well.


I really wanted a projector more than a TV. I guess TV first projector later. Projectors rocks. Imagine projecting outside for fun. Are their laws against it. You could have guerilla projecting campaigns.

Okay, food - does anyone else like Boston Market. I love it but I really kind of hate all the plastic so we barely ever go there.


I bought more of those yummy gummi bears (e:paul,43051)

Day Time view

The way I see it
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Category: stuff

12/31/07 12:51 - ID#42688

The Party And The Server

I hope to see everyone at the party tomorrow night. Come by around 10PM @ 24 Linwood for our annual New Years Even Party.

I worked on the new version of estrip a lot today. The flv video uploads now make thumbnails and I wrote a much better video player that lets you forward to any point in the video without having to play the video sequentially.
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12/14/07 10:48 - ID#42520

Blogging About It

Let's see:

The estrip dinner party last night was fantastic. Thanks (e:jim) for organizing and to everyone who came and brought delicious dinner and desserts along with copious amounts of wine.

It was nice to see (e:jason)! Hope you come out again for another event and bring (e:joshua) with you.

I can't wait to see (e:metalpeter)'s pictures that he took with his new camera. Spent a lot of quality time with (e:imk2) and (e:tinypliny). Sorry if there was anyone I missed at the party, its hard to be a host sometimes because I always get stuck talking to a few people for a long time instead of everyone for 30 seconds each.

Didn't get killed contrary to popular belief - a subject I cannot talk about but want to remember back to when I revisit this in the future.

Lots of working. I finally got the native oracle PDO extension working with PHP, yeah for prepared statements and boring things no one cares about but are exciting to me!

Had a meeting about Disney running your hospital.

Got a new style 2008 electronic rubics cube as a gift from work. It ame with battries included - that is rare. The unix guy at work took his apart to see how it ticks within the first few minutes.

The new bed
I hate it. It makes me fucking sick. I can't stand the taste that the outgassing chemicals make in my mouth. I don't ever want to go back in the bedroom. If they don't agree to get rid of it, I am going to replace them with new chemically sensitive boyfriends that want to sleep in an organic bed with me. The smell is so strong to me that I can identify items that touched the bed even if I didn't see them in there.

I spent the last several nights sleeping on the floor in the other room.

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