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Category: gadgets

08/05/11 10:10 - ID#54874

Solar powered USB ports

I just got a solar powered USB port for charging mobile devices. This is going to be awesome for camping. Now I just need a Canadian mobile plan.

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Category: gadgets

03/11/08 10:13 - ID#43626

The Chumby - Internet Powered Dreambox

Every time I think there is nothing else that will cut into my iphone 2/android phone account they come up with some other crazy internet enabled, linux powered, ssh-able, super device that I can't live without. (e:shawn) just IMed me about this.

in comes the chumby


Problem is that it doesn't do much different than my Nokia n810 other than be less portable ;( but it is super cute and would look great on my desk at work.
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Category: gadgets

12/22/06 10:10 - ID#32862

Ninendo Wii And Opera

Nintendo Wii introduced opera browser for the gaming consol the morning. I read that the input uses the wand the same way it does for typing out your wii name, etc. Iw onder why they didn't make it have handwriting recognition as it would be easy to dra wthe letter in the air. I guess gamera are really good at hitting small targets so typing on the lkeyboard should be no problem for them.


Apparently it even work seamlessly with flash player 9 which lets you view youtube video on your wii. That really extends the capabilities of the media device in such a awesome way at no additional cost to nintendo. I wonder why other media corporations such as microsoft cannot do the same for their pocket pcs.

Not only does opera work on the nintendo wii but it also works on the nintendo DS protable .


For a mobile browser opera is one of the best. There is a real standalone version and for anyone who has a java enabled phone there is oper amini which is definitely the best browser for any regular internet capable phone in existence.


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Category: gadgets

12/21/06 10:40 - ID#32860

Oregon Scientific

If you are looking for a cool head mounted camera to buy yourself for chritmas check out Oregon Scientific

I just bought the waterproof action mounted head camera for $129.00




I know I will look dorky but who cares. Here is a link to the manual
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