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Category: 24 linwood

08/28/16 07:52- ID#60630 pmobl

Home in The Summer

I wish it looked so green all year. I think this coming year we might actually get the dormers done so it should look more finished. The neighbors two doors down jusf put their house on sale for 500k so I have a feeling whoever buys it will fix up there house and I don't want to be the most broken house in the block.


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Category: samsung

08/28/16 07:49- ID#60629

Samsung Gear 360

The gear 360 came today. I was annoyed that it couldn't take pictures without an SD card. It seems like the phone should be able to capture at least what's displayed on the screen. Luckily, I had a 64gb pro micro SD from my old note 4.

I'm excited to get some videos around the dining room table at my parents house next week.


You can click it to see the full 3d

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Category: work

08/28/16 06:44- ID#60628 pmobl

Camping In West Virginia

Last weekend we went to a gay techno camp out in very rural West Virginia. It was interesting to see people from big city gay culture as there were attendees there from Toronto, Pittsburg. Chicago, San Francisco, Berlin, New York Altanta etc. I felt like a country mouse. That had terms I really didn't know and a lot of outfit changes. I think some people changed more times in one day than I do in a week. The best outfit was neon trimmed tightly whities or a guy who was actually dressed as a merman with a unileg.

The nature itself was pretty awesome. It was very secluded in the mountains and had a a combination of all the amenities plus 10 miles of scenic hiking trails.

The place and event was male only, which as you can imagine would lead to a lot of craziness. There was some controversy concern the exclusivity but I find it so interesting to see how a huge number of gay guys behave with no females around to keep them in check. It's pretty much exactly what you would expect.

They had non stop DJs. All day by the pool, all evening at the Saloon and then from 12 am to around 6am out at a giant dance setup in the forest.

There was even a sex barn. I'll just leave it at that. Wait I won't just leave it at that, lol, no there were no animals involved.

At one point I was watching a naked drag queen in eight inch heels and an full back size upside cross tattoo dancing in the sun by the pool smoking and I thought this is exactly what all the Christian conservatives thing gay life is like.

I will go back next year and bring more people.





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Category: haircuts

08/12/16 01:59- ID#60576 pmobl

Got A Hair Then Cut That

I got a haircut, than a hour later I cut off the hair cut. Bad investment but it's was like 90s still and I couldn't take it anymore after riding my bike home.



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Category: office

08/08/16 02:18- ID#60570 pmobl

New Office Furniture

Finally, I am back in an office and got some furniture. It's amazing hardwood that someone left behind in an office when they moved to a new one in the new building.

Now it's like an office, conference room in one. Can't wait for the display to arrive that goes over the table.



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