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Category: glasses

02/07/16 12:31- ID#60414 pmobl

My Favorite Old Glasses

It's so weird go not have to worry about them anymore.


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Category: samsung

02/04/16 11:47- ID#60413

Samsung Credit

I got a $200 rebate from my last phone purchase to use at the Samsung store. I wanted to see what the most ridiculous stuff you can buy and I think I found it.

The new 105 in UHD TV Its $120,000.

I figure with the $200 rebate its a steal. Plus its already on sale from the original $149,000 retail price lol.


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Category: work

01/09/16 02:25- ID#60391 pmobl

Sameer's Last Day Party

It was Sameer's last day at Roswell. I was so sad to see him go but he got a better job. Can't blame him.

It must be exciting to just wake up the next day and have none of your work problems be your problem anymore.


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Category: lasik

01/09/16 02:19- ID#60390 pmobl

Lasik and Terry Wonder

I went for my final follow up on Friday and I now have 20/15 version which is really awesome. It seems impossible that I didn't look into this before. In the last ten years, I surely spent more on glasses and contacts than I spent on this, not to mention the annoyance of all the lost glasses emergecies like swimming last summer at jabe pond when my glasses fell down into some large rocks about 8 ft down.

(E:terry) copied me and got LASIK yesterday too. Now we all can see.



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Category: 24 linwood

01/04/16 01:06- ID#60388 pmobl

New Office

Okay it's not as cute as (e:Matthew) would have made it but we did a good job. Repaired all the trim, built new trim, painted, repaired and hung the yellow glass lamp, screwed in curtain pulls, new curtains, etc.

It's like getting a new apartment inside the house.



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