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Category: advertising

07/28/15 09:07 - 83.ºF - ID#60136 pmobl

First Niagara - The Is Not A Branch

This is the stupidest billboard ever. Maybe it would be cool if it actual was a WiFi hotspot like it advertises. I wonder if it was supposed to be and the tech failed.


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Category: biking

07/28/15 09:05 - 83.ºF - ID#60135 pmobl

Woodlawn Beach In Hamburg

We just biked here down route 5. Route 5 and the mosquito's suck but the tiki bar is pretty fun.






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Category: parade

07/24/15 08:11 - 76.ºF - ID#60126 pmobl

Bike Parade

We participated in the infringement festival parade yesterday. We ended up at the Hop Inn on Hopkins in south buffalo. They have loganberry chicken wings. I want to try them.







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Category: thursdays

07/18/15 10:43 - 77.ºF - ID#60114 pmobl

Dianne's Knee

Sometimes biking is dangerous. (e:dianne)'s knee found this out on the way to the Thursdays at canal side.

We started so that, that by the time we got there, the music stopped ;( Luckily, when we got there (e:libertad) had a first aid kit. Some guy also gave me popcorn, we saw (e:keithT) and we had a great chat with Erica's parents. I just wish it went later.

The best part was the police pulling (e:joe) aside because they thought they saw him put a bag of drugs in his pocket. It was sunflower seeds, lol.


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Category: work

07/18/15 10:39 - 77.ºF - ID#60113 pmobl

The Ceiling At Work

The ceiling at work fell down the other day. Don't worry though, they put it back together all nice.

Seriously, this is the worst attempt at repair I have ever seen in a professional environment. I am embarrassed when people come to see my work area.


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