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Category: canada

08/23/15 10:56 - 77.ºF - ID#60182 pmobl

Mather's Arch Fort Erie Robbery Or Crazy

We biked over to Windmill Point in Fort Erie for a swim this hot afternoon. On the way back we stopped at Mother's Arch. Either someone was robbed and lost their purse filled with only a giant cross and hand creme, or they went crazy.

Other clues we envelope full of tax papers and crazy God scrawl in the fountain, and Bob Marley tee-shirt on the bike rack.

The cross in the pursue was marked as costing $24.95, so someone really cared about it.






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Category: fratlife

08/23/15 10:51 - 77.ºF - ID#60181 pmobl

Frat House Life

Saturday night I had an allergy based migraine so I stayed home and went to bed early.

I woke up to a bunch of our friends using the giant metal spoon for a spanking contest to see who could hit harder.

Not sure how the bear head got involved but it made for a real interesting situation.


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Category: food

08/23/15 10:43 - 77.ºF - ID#60180 pmobl

Beans And Greens

Got some amazing baby swiss chard from the Clinton Bailey market. In fact a giant bag for only 2 bucks. Every piece perfectly clean so that if didn't even need to be picked through at all.

I mixed that with white navy beans, roasted garlic, chopped artichoke hearts and put it on speghetti. Then I sliced some aged Gouda and aged Asiago over the top.

Paired it with some spicy chicken sausage from the grill, yum!

We also grilled some squashes. This year I tried grilling that ugly yellow squash with the bumps on the skin. Its really good. Just brush on some olive oil, salt and pepper and grill till soft.



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Category: fruit

08/23/15 10:38 - 77.ºF - ID#60179 pmobl

Bubblegum Plums - Clinton Bailey Market

We got what was called bubblegum plums at the Clinton Bailey farmers market on Saturday. If you haven't been there you really have to go this Saturday. Prime harvest season, so much stuff, so cheap it will blow your mind.

Apparently these plums are marketed as bubblegum plums but I read the hybrid that has been around for a while.

Toka is known as the bubblegum plum and has been around for a very long time. The fruit is very nice if properly ripened. Its prunus Americana (Native American plum) x prunus simoni (Chinese plum apricot.

Its unbelievable how much they smell like bubblegum. Like bazooka joe style pink bubblegum. My guess is whoever invented bubblegum used this as a base.



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Category: letchworth

08/23/15 10:28 - 77.ºF - ID#60175 pmobl

Trip To Letchworth With Joe's Family

We had a picnic at Letchworth on Friday with (e:joe)'s family. I'm so sad we missed the pool closing time. If you have not been to that pool, you have to check it out.

We play some glow bocce, ate lots of delicious foods and mad snores. We also made friends with a wild cat.







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!!!!Congratulations!!!! So excited for both of you!!! <3

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They all look like
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Cherry Springs State Park, outside Coudersport, PA. :::link:::...

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I hope so too ;) - hope you're doing just as well in your new town. ...