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Category: italy

05/22/16 12:37- ID#60501 pmobl

Vice Consulate

What credentials do you need to open a vice Consulate if your email is at Gmail?


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Category: friday

05/22/16 12:35- ID#60500 pmobl

Fun Fridays

I like going out in Fridays better than Saturday.


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Category: body

05/06/16 09:36- ID#60488 pmobl

My Genetic Makeup - Father's Side

My dad got an DNA ancestry check. It's pretty much what you'd expect.



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Category: allen

05/06/16 07:57- ID#60487 pmobl

Allentown Association

I know (e:Joe) already wrote about this but it seems unbelievable that one of the worst eyesores on Allen is actually horder style stuffed full of Allentown association crap. Ironic.


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Category: work

05/06/16 07:56- ID#60486 pmobl

New Building At Work

It's exciting to work at a place that is growing. I hope that someday my office is on top of that.

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