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Category: television

08/08/12 12:39 - ID#56665

Teen Wolf

I am such a sucker for these kind of shows and now that Secret Circle is on break I needed my fix of teen magic drama. That plus I always wished I was a werewolf.

Strangely, the up to this point non-magical one on the left is my favorite.

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Category: television

09/21/11 11:48 - ID#55178

Hulu, abc, fox, etc

So I watch more TV now that I have no friends and get home late from work M-TH. I used to like the way hulu had the shows on the night after they aired. Sames with Abc, Fox, etc but it seems that now all of the content providers have switched to airing the episodes the following week unless you buy hulu plus or have cable. For example, the raising hope that aired last night will be available wed sept 28th unless you pay $7.99/month for hulu plus or sign up for cable which is surely like $50+ a month.

I really don't get why Time Warner doesn't consider us a valuable enough customers to let us watch he shows online that are normally on the free over the air channels. Its not like we don't already pay them $120/month for our internet. I mean I don't expect to see HBO, etc but at least the shows on fox, abc, etc. What is the difference if I watch it as cable or over the internet over a cable wire. They are getting paid either way and I am subjected to advertisements that they profit from.

The whole thing makes me so aggravated. I probably just need to learn to be patient.
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Category: television

11/16/08 10:11 - ID#46703

Desperate House Wives

Sadly, after the fun time dancing on friday night, I did nothing really this weekend other than some programming for work and watch Desperate House Wives series 1. I have to say I am addicted and I hope they continue the same level of entertaining throughout the series.

Bree is my favorite character.


They even have a barbie doll of her now

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Category: television

05/23/07 10:06 - ID#39395

American Express Commercial

I just watched this american express commercial where this slightly post skater-looking slaker kid gets bored in San Diego or wherever and looks up skiing on the net. He then decides he need to go where it is snowing to go skiing and flys to utah, where he meets some people who tell him to go to Canada where there is even better snow. The canadians say the real storm in Japan - so off to japan. The japanese tell him the real skiing is in Norway, then off to go to italy where he gets a text message that the surfs up in maui. Each time he flys to the location and skiis.

Each time he flys with "points." At the end he says I need a card that gets me places - and thats why my card is american express. Mind you, the ad was playing during final American Idol episode.

Is this not a way of luring in young people to spend a fortune on credit cards and rack up ridiculous debt.

Holy crap. I would never think I would see the most tacky rendition of a beetles medley on American Idol where they got together and sang Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. I wonder if that is what people thought when they heard the beetles sing it.

Followed by:

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends
Yes I get by with a little help from my friends
With a little help from my friends

I feel like (e:mike) 's Dare censor must be going off.

American idol had a record 74 million votes for Jordan Sparks who won this moment.
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Category: television

04/02/06 08:20 - ID#32557

Murder She Wrote

Does anyone remember this show? We were jusrt saying how much we all loved it, yet I don't remember anyone talking about it since back when it was on.





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Category: television

03/03/05 01:56 - ID#31706

Reality TV

I live in a box, well box mansion. I really have no idea what is going on in the world of television. I thought that people confessing their lives on a public journal was radical. Who would have guessed how far reality TV has gone. Well, probably everyone. Tonight I witnessed Cheater TV or something like that. It is a reality spouse cheating spy show that follows poeple around as their lives fall apart because of cheating partners. The whole thing is monitored and televised for us to judge.

In this show there was a hard working guy, whose girlfriend was cheating on him. When he confronted her and the guy in a public location the other dude pulled out a gun and tried to shoot him. The camera crew was really frreaked the hell out.

At the beginning of the show they made this whole point how they are doing this to show people the horrors of cheating. Then they played a commercial for a married person sex service where you can meet other married people that want to get it on.
"If you are involved in a relationship but feel like you need something more, log into Ashley Madison at "

This is juxtaposted with nocheater date where you can meet people that don't cheat. Apparently, they selll a little bit to everyone. Television has seriously hit an all time low.

But the question to me is really, why are people concerned with the lives of total strangers that they can't even interact with.

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