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Category: downtown

12/31/05 11:59 - 32ºF - ID#32429 pmobl

on the way

I hope we make the ball drop.




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Category: food

12/31/05 07:27 - 34ºF - ID#32428 pmobl

holy scallops

So we get to my mom's house and she is cooking the giant scallops I saw at wegman's. Of course thy are wrapped in bacon, yum!


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Category: shopping

12/31/05 05:53 - 36ºF - ID#32427 pmobl

wegman's trip

We went shopping at wegman's for the family dinner party tomorrow. Once again we saw (e:shawnr) and sarah. Tbere must be something that draws us here at the same time.

I bought Calamaris and edamame. I have become obsessed with making calamaris the way they do at Kostas. Roasted/grilled with roasted red peppers.

Terry is making shrimp and chicken enchiladas. I don't think my parents ever had them so it should a yummy surprise for them. Growing up, ortega was as mexican as my family got.

Wegmans's had that yummy raspberry granola cereal that they used to carry over the summer.


Everytime I have been here they said it was discontinued. I am glad to see it is back. I bought 3 boxes and suggest everyone does the same.

The shrimps they had today were almost as big as the lobster tails.


Those scallops they are next too are the large ones that are almost two inches wide. It gives you an idea how big those shrimp are.

Buffalo is so grey that this pic looks like I took it in black and white. I do wish it would be sunny again.


This firestation on hertel used to be a mcdonalds.


Back in our vegan warrior days, (e:hodown) and I made it so that the life size ronald mcdonald statue had fake blood dripping out its mouth and was hold a knife. It must have really terrified the people who found it, lol.

That was actually nothing compared to our other 'vegan terrorist' activities.
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Category: web

12/31/05 03:36 - 33ºF - ID#32426

2003 estrip

It's amazing how many views people get when they write journals. It looks like (e:kat) got 98 views for the one entry she wrote. I remember back in 2003 that would have taken a month.

I was searching on the web to find stuff out about the site when I found the tempreal project. It was an offshoot of the estrip engine used to teach a 3D environments class about second life. Does anyone remember when the site looked like this?


I also learned that (e:jim) hates the yellow color scheme. Believe it or not, it is one of the most popular. You have 12 others to choose from and using the API, you can make the site look however you want.
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Category: food

12/31/05 01:46 - 31ºF - ID#32425

New Years Eve and yesterday

Yesterday, my coworkers and I went to Ted's hotdogs in the galleria for lunch. No I did not eat a hotdog, even though (e:enknot) kept telling my how yummy they are. I left hotdogs back in the early 90s for good. However, I did have a really good double cheeseburger. Such an event would normally make it on my journal, but I forgot to bring my stupid phone.

The people who work in the food court at the mall are really amazing. I don't think I could ever deal with that as an adult. (e:terry) and I were talking about how retail and food service jobs of that nature are really the harest jobs in the world. My newer jobs have involoved much more mental excercise but in reality the stress of working at an icecream store is unbelieveable. He worked at Baskin Robin's and I worked at Parfait, which used to be on Sheridan and Niagara Falls Blvd where the cingular store is now.

The guy at Ted's who was the cook was so into it his job. My cowrokers thought that perhaps he was Ted himself but then we saw pictures from the 30s on of the Ted's family empire of store, so I doubt it is Ted himself.

Well we still haven't made plans for tonight. Well, accept for my mother's dinner party at 7PM. That is usually my favorite part of new years. She makes all kind of seafood usually in conjunction with some sort of steak and bacony thing. It is really quite an extravaganza.

Tomorrow night the family dinner party is at our house for the first time. I think (e:terry) is going to make enchiladas. The party will be sans (e:mike) who is having his own dinner party at my parent's house.

I will definately post some pics of the evening tonight. I have been so busy that my journal has suffered.
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Category: food

12/30/05 12:11 - 32ºF - ID#32424 pmobl

yummy matza? treat

Contrary to popular belief I am not jewish but I am in love with these matza treats my italian catholic mother makes. They are the yummiest thing ever.

I am excited about the holidays ending so that I can back to my everyday life. I have a whole bunch of stuff that got put off by visitors, holidays, switching jobs, etc.

Most of all I miss (e:shawnr) ;)

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Category: mobile

12/27/05 05:25 - 34ºF - ID#32423 pmobl

Posting from a blackberry

Well, not a real blackberry but a simulatd one that I am using to test my mobile code base for a project at work. Simulated devices are fun but not really the same feel as having the device in my hand.

The blackberry has a really nice ide for making applications. It even has a nice little SVG/animation editor and theme maker. Too bad I hate the keyboards on the new one.

I guess I still wouldn't mind getting to test it out on the real device. I just hope that RIM doesn't go out of business before.

Frankly, I do not know how people actually live without a camera or touchscreen on their mobile device.
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Category: pets

12/26/05 05:25 - 31ºF - ID#32422

Sugar Gliders - Summit Park Mall

Today, (e:emilyjane) came to town and we went to kritterhut in the Summit Park mall and bought the sugar gliders today. They are seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. We got one pair and are planning on getting another one for (e:terry). I carried them home in my bonding pouch.

They say I am supposed to bond with it about 2-4 hours per day. That is a big committment compared to the attention the tortoise requires.

I am in fact not allergic to them. At least not severly, like with cats, dogs , and rabbits. Maybe it has to do with their size. I did, however, get hives whereever it dug into my arm while climbing up my to jump off the top of my head. It like to climb up real high and glide across the room. They are fast but not too fast like mouse or a hamster so they are pretty easy to catch and a lot of the time they actually seem to seek you out. Here is (e:matthew) petting his.


They make the craziest noises


(e:emilyjane) ran around the part that she ran around as a kid.


Kids now-a-days like beer specials. This kids playground had a special on budweiser and hotdogs. That is the weirest thing ever.


The mall is so poor that every other store is more like a sign or statement. It makes the mall seem more liek an art gallery of sorts. Here is the former store, now happy birdthay message to jesus front.


Here is a gigantic army mural.

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Category: family

12/26/05 05:19 - 31ºF - ID#32421 pmobl

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was great. I ended up not having to be Santa Claus. My parents gave my cousins kid one of those evil singing fish.





We beat up this pig with a hammer and ate it
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Category: computers

12/24/05 02:17 - 42ºF - ID#32420

Windows Reinstall and Satan Claws

Today was the day that windows decided it was time to reinstall. It seems like once a year it needs this happen. I think the registry just gets out of control and then everything becomes crappy. Instead of fighting with it all I just backup my data to an external drive and reinstall everything.

Even though it is annoying, I think it is a good process to follow through with for anyone that needs to use windows.

Tonight I am off to my aunt's for Chirstmas Eve. It is the first year in about 5 that (e:terry) isn't coming so he won't be dressed up as Santa Claus [inlink]paul,381[/inlink] this year. He is instead going with (e:matthew) to his aunt's house. I can't go there because they have animals. I hope this doesn't mean that I have to be Satan Claws.
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