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Category: sports

06/29/12 11:27 - ID#56579 pmobl

Foul Play?

Somebody is rabid.

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Category: mobile

06/29/12 09:46 - ID#56578 pmobl

Holy Shit LTE Rocks

When I was uploading those pics in the entries before this it took only a fraction of a second. It seemed impossible that it was so quick. I mean 4g hspda is fast but not that fast. Then I noticed my 4g symbol now says LTE next to it. This is precisely why I bought this phone instead of an iPhone - 16mbps+ down, 10 mbps+ up on the go, ya!


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Category: thursdays

06/29/12 08:05 - ID#56577 pmobl

Flowers and a Bike Ride

After the harbor show yesterday we all headed out for a bike ride. I took lots of negative pics. I think the flowers came out the best.






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Category: beard

06/29/12 08:02 - ID#56576 pmobl

Papa Smurf

I think my beard will look good in white someday.

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Category: thursdays

06/28/12 11:13 - ID#56574 pmobl

At The Harbor

I didn't love the music. I am not even sure who it was. At the same time the weather was amazing and it was great just being outside with so many people to watch.

Its so hard to get a good pic of (e:Mike) because he is always making crazy faces.

(E:Matthew)'s head is healing.







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Category: weather

06/27/12 01:54 - ID#56571 pmobl

Beach Day

It doesn't feel this way right now but its supposed to be 90 this weekend.

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Category: computers

06/27/12 12:24 - ID#56569

Dear Timewarner, I want static ipv6 now

IPv6 day happend and I still don't have an ipv6 ip. I guess I could tunnel ipv6to ip4 with Hurricane electric but it doesn't feel as good as having a true ipv6 static ip so I spoke with time warner business chat

I really hope they can help me out.

Curtis>Hello Paul, How may I assist you this evening?
Paul_> Am I able to get ipv6 static IP addresses yet?
Paul_> right now I have 5 static ip4 addresses from timewarner
Paul_>I would like to also use ipv6 without having to tunnel
Curtis>Not that I know of Paul. What City and State are the services located?
Paul_>Buffalo, NY
Paul_>Is there someone who would know for sure?
Curtis>Your account executive would know if you are able to add IPV6 to the account. Looking up a contact number for you. Usually they are available M-F 8A-5PM . I'll just be a moment.
Curtis>Office Phone Number (Toll Free): 800-504-3497 Select add/change services. I'm certain at this hour you will be re-directed to technical support, so you may want to wait until morning.
Paul_>i just want to know if it is available
Paul_>do you think tech support would know?
Paul_>or do I need to wait until tomorrow?
Curtis>I know we have started to use IPV6 in some areas but I think at this point a lot of it is agreed testing with certain companies.
Curtis>Unfortunatly they would have less information than I would. I do not have details about what is being offered in certain areas. Do you currently have a static IP ?
Paul_>5 of htem
Curtis>I'm trying to locate additional information for you.
Paul_>but they are ipv4
Curtis>Thank you.
Curtis>That is the best I can offer at this hour Paul. I will look into this deeper and can have someone update you via email if you would like.
Paul_>I actually read that site earlier today
Paul_>it is what got me interested
Paul_>that would be great to have someone email me
Curtis>I thought you might have.
Paul_>I will also call my rep tomorrow
Curtis>May I get your address?
Curtis>No problem, this is something I need to be more aware of too. So I appreciate the question as there will be many other questions regarding the protocol upgrade.
Curtis>I'll have someone reach out to you in the morning. Any other questions you might have?
Paul_>nope thats it. Thanks you have been helpful.

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Category: haircut

06/24/12 07:47 - ID#56565 pmobl

Rat Tail Gone Wild

This is definately the craziest hair I have ever seen. It looks like roadkill. I imagine thr guy either has the stringest neck ever or serious neck issues.

We saw it walking down the main street in Williamsville of all places.

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Category: computers

06/24/12 07:44 - ID#56564 pmobl

Network Support?

The first network supported wooden fence I have seen.

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Category: food

06/21/12 08:49 - ID#56561 pmobl

Happy faces are not French Fries

I feel like this is the krab version of fries.

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