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Category: summer

09/30/08 10:52 - 57ºF - ID#45869

Having fun in the sun

These are the crazy kind of friends I want to have. I feel like this year we barely got to have sunny, crazy drunk days by water. Everything is entirely too serious.

Or maybe I am just too old to be spontaneous. Everything seems very planned and organized now.

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09/30/08 08:26 - ID#45865 pmobl

Spring Rolls

Is there anything better than a crunchy spring roll from Saigon
Bangkok on Niagara Falls blvd?
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09/29/08 10:44 - ID#45838 pmobl

Welcome to fall 2008

I ca't believe it's already here.
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Category: body

09/29/08 10:25 - 56ºF - ID#45837

I will be 160lbs

I am trying this milk shake a day extra diet that (e:boxerboi) suggested. I think it is finally working as I have broken the 150lb ceiling and am working toward 160lbs.

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Category: housing

09/28/08 09:03 - 63ºF - ID#45831

The Elmwood Village Kitchen Tour 2008

Today I went on the Elmwood Village Kitchen Tour with my mother and (e:matthew). I liked seeing people's kitchens - it gave me a bunch of ideas. I don't usually get to see many people's kitchens because of my animal allergies. The theme this year was green kitchens.


I would say maybe like 10% of the kitchen's mentioned anything that had to do with green. One lady had bamboo floors and recycled glass counter tops. Another one used a certain kind of tree that grew faster than usual trees. The rest pretty much did not mention anything. Oh accept the one kitchen that had all reused stuff (green) left their shower on during the whole thing to show how awesome it was. It was awesome but serioulsy we could just trust you dude.


I saw some really nice woodwork.

Including this turtle at the Elmwood Village Inn at which (e:drew) was a tour guide.


Sorry the picture sucks, stupid iphone is really bad with snap shots.

We saw (e:janelle) along the way and ate some Italian Nougat at Delish which was in fact super delish.


In the end we toured the Gilda Radner house which was cool.

I really thought showing the two empty houses with half done kitchens that were both for rent on Bryant was tacky. I mean I just paid $18 per person to see kitchens. I don't need your lame ass advertsiement pushed in my face. Especially not if your kitchen isn't even all that. Is there no oversight committee of these kind of things. I felt the same way on the Linwood home tour four years ago when an apartment building showed an empty apartment for rent.

Unrelated but along the way:

I also saw these panties outside Delish and wonder what the story behind that is.
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Category: sex

09/28/08 07:20 - 66ºF - ID#45829

Sex in the snow?

Some random stranger who signed up for estrip messaged me today saying its tragic that I am bald now as I would be cold outside if I were naked in the winter.

I tried to explain to him how that would be not fun and that I really don't think there are winter nudists. He probably could only imagine the hot extreme of weather which isn't so bad in short doses.

Apparently, some people have thought about his though because I decided to type "snow fetish" into google which lead me to I am not even making a link, type it in and visit if your want - IT IS NOT WORK SAFE and sadly just redirects back to

Whats absolutely so crazy is - I could not find one sngle mention of gay snow fetishes and lets be honest - gay people can fetishize anything. It makes me think that man parts and snow don't mix. I mean mine definately don't.

Does anyone have sex in the snow? Have any of you had sex in snow?
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Category: words

09/28/08 06:47 - 66ºF - ID#45828

Typing on a non-networked machine

So this getting in touch with Danielle (e:paul,45806) reminded me of one of the most fun nights of my high school years. It was before the internet touched my life. She had this word processor. Not the computer type, but the kind you type into and can edit and print. Like a hybrid mini terminal/typerwiter. I think it looked something like this.


We spent the evening typing one sentence after another into the machine creating a story of sorts. I wonder what it said. I serioulsy, can't remember a thing about it - maybe she can. I do remember wandering around afterwards and imagining that everytime we stepped on a sewer cover that we were transported into another universe. I started to belive it after a while because everytime we would step on one, no more cars or anyone went by and it snowed and snowed.

Its crazy how much time I spent just wandering around in the snow in my youth. I do just about everything to avoid it now.
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Category: hair

09/28/08 09:03 - 62ºF - ID#45820

Shaved My Head Again

I tried to give myself a haircut again but just trimming the sides. Unfortunately, that left me with a mullet. So then I tried to cut it shorter in the back too which gave me this really bad guido haircut. Then I trimmed the top to, not bald just short and it looked too military. Then I decided to turn it into a mohawk but when it was done I decided I was too old for that which took me to the next step - buzz cut.

Somehow this happens everytime. It makes showering really convenient.


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Category: web

09/27/08 02:26 - 70ºF - ID#45806

Danielle Woodman - Terry's Friend?

So (e:terry) left his facebook signed in and I decided to search for people I knew in Buffalo that I cared to find out about in order to see if it was worth joining. The problem is the people I cared about in any way - I pretty much have contact with and the rest of the people I knew, I don't really care if I know them anymore as I would have kept contact.

That coupled with the fact that the few people I could possibly care about don't seem to be on the internet at all, or are woman with new last names I have no idea about, or are form foreign countries and don't seem to be on facebook.

Then I saw this:


Just as I was about to quit looking, she magically showed up as someone that (e:Terry) should be friends with because of their mutual friends with Nameless Bitch and (e:gaylynnemup). What a small world. I guess it is Buffalo after all but really what are the chances of that, especially considering the two of them are not Buffalonians, (e:terry) is no a Buffalonian and she graduated high school like 3 years before I did. Maybe (e:terry) is a Buffalonian now. I guess he spent more of his adult year here than anywhere else.

Danielle contributed a lot to my growing up, even though we knew each other for such a short time - I would say during that time I changed from being a kid to being a semi-adult and no I do not mean this in a sexual way. It would be so interesting to get to talk to her now

Maybe Nameless Bitch can invite her to our holloween party?

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Category: music

09/26/08 06:16 - 65ºF - ID#45802

Little bit of Rave history

So my favoritest of favorite raves was this one Syrous party at Cinespace in Toronto. It was some giant movie studio maybe. Anyways, I remember the laser show was insane amazing and ther music was different than anything I had heard at all the other parties up to that point.


The lasers were insane. I know I just said it but I remeber that was the only time I was ever really impressed by a light show.


So I found these images online but I have the flyer upstairs. I remember looking it up before and none of the djs music matched what I remembered. Then looking over this forum carefully I saw that Mickey Finn (UK) was replaced by Andy C because of imigration problems.

Mickey Finn was originally billed but due to immigration he couldn't enter the country. We were lucky enough to get Andy C to spin.

How crazy is that? (e:hodown) remembers this party too I am sure. I think we even saw my cousin Christina there.

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