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10/05/11 10:33 - ID#55243 pmobl


Hey folks.

I am going to be in town this weeken for a wedding. I would love to see you all. Who is in? I am thinking Sunday.

My phone number is the same. Let's do it!


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11/11/10 07:11 - 48.ºF - ID#53093


Hello Boys and Ghouls (did I miss halloween?)

It has been a while. So, I won my election 2:1! Mwa ha. That is right. I saw your dinky pieces of lit. I heard your phonebank. But I am a politico from New York and you brought a swifter to a bazooka fight.

Seriously, politics is bizarre out here. Antoine Thompson attacked Mark Grissanti as a lawyer who wants to unleash murderers and pedophiles into your neighborhood. Here, the closest thing to an attack add was so subtly written you would think candidates were sharing s'mores every evening before a pajama party. A part of me misses the bare-toothed approach to politics, but I also find it nice that one is not required to be a dick.

So, I am not unemployed and am considering shakin' my wares on the street corner. Should I make so bold a career move I will send you all a link to my profile on
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08/29/10 09:09 - 72.ºF - ID#52604


From the makers of Jiz and the Holograms: the Golden Shower Girls!

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08/19/10 07:08 - 76.ºF - ID#52475

For Matthew


Is the trailer to The Shining an entire film onto itself?

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07/23/10 05:02 - 80.ºF - ID#52260


Hello everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence. Life has been crazy. I lived on a couch for a few weeks and just moved into an apartment a few weeks ago. I am subletting from some dude and live in a room filled with his furniture. Which makes me feel guilty everytime I get jiggy on the bed.
Work is the crazy bit. It is 24/7 until Nov.2nd and then I will have some time to sleep, go out, and get jiggy with someone other than me.
Portland has a reputation for being filled with hipsters. They mostly keep to their side of town, which is great. And I promise, no hipster sensibilities are growing in me. Promise.

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