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Category: gym

04/29/08 02:37 - 47ºF - ID#44185

Allentown Athletix: Part the Fifth


The final figures are in. First, Bill and Pete at Allentown Athletix are both a pleasure to work with. If they google AA and find this journal, thank you guys, you kick several flavors of ass.

It will work to $299 in one payment or $50 for six months. That is still a $170 savings. Again, it is preferred that a payment in full is made.

So, you may sign your souls over to me via this final head count. This is starting to feel like an elementary school field trip with all this counting.

Terry (I am going to assume yes because Paul is in)
Steve! (Thanks for joining us)
Mike (?)

So, confirm and we can get started.

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Category: mom

04/29/08 10:46 - 40ºF - ID#44182

My mom

My mom works a crazy job. I have no idea what it is. She has been working there since the mid 70's and although she has no college degree her peers have PhD's in computer science. So, they put a lot of demands on her including frequent international conference calls.

Today she called me in the middle of both our busy work days to be reassured, once again, that Hillary Clinton wont be the nominee. This is about the seventh time she has called in a panic. I did the right thing. I sat her down, told her to breath, and had her look at CNN's election page. We looked at the delegate counter together. With their delegate calculator I showed her that even if she wins the remaining states she is still behind.

It was a forty minute conversation, interrupted occasionally because she was on a conference call with people in Atlanta, Sacramento, and India and needed to check in on them.

But, at the end she felt much better and was breathing normally.

I love her.
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04/26/08 01:38 - 76ºF - ID#44154

Allentown Athletix: Part the Fourth


This is awesome. This afternoon I met with Pete, Allentown Atheltix's representative. He gave us what I think is a really sweet deal.

Normal fees for a year long membership payed in full are
$449 plus a $20 activation fee: $469.

A group of seven people (the original figure I gave him)
$299, no activation fee.

So we save $170.

That includes their fitness classes:
Abs, Ju Jitsu, Pilates, Yoga, Belly Dancing and QUEEN CITY ROLLER GIRL EXPERIENCE WITH MIA MAULER. How awesome is that?

The would like a single payment for membership. We have not determined when this would start yet, that is depending on when we are all ready to go. I would like to do this by June 1st though.

If a single payment cannot be made you would pay $50 every month of six months. If you chose this and miss a payment or stop the rest of the group picks up your tab. Which would make us all very angry. So, I too would prefer a single payment for as many people as possible.

Next year, when we are due to renew, chances are we can get the same rate provided rates in general do not increase, which they do every two years. Last time they went up by $20 a year.

Finally, he was expecting a list of 7 people. When I gave him a list of 12 people he was a little surprised. So, our rates may go down a little more.

So, I will wait until next weekend. When they contact me regarding the final rate and ask for a show of hands again. So rest those hands up kidos.


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Category: gym

04/25/08 03:58 - 71ºF - ID#44140

Allentown Athletix: Part the Third

Aloha children,

I have a meeting with Bill Mahr from Allentown Althetix tomorrow. We will be going over our options, so I will have ideas about costs and stipulations and what not. So I will fill you folks in on the details tomorrow sometime.

He wants a list of names of people interested. They don't do high pressure sales like Buffalo Athletic Club so he wouldn't use any info to leave voice messages begging you to take a tour.

Here are my beloved (e:peeps) so far:

Libertad's mystery friend

if you are not on this list, your coolness is slightly diminished.


  • edit* You are all still members of the cool kids club. Each and everyone of you whether your name is on this list of not.

I love you all.
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Category: gym

04/24/08 07:21 - 68ºF - ID#44130

Allentown Athletic part the second


I just heard back from someone at Allentown Athletix. They would be willing to do a group rate if we commit to a year long membership. He would like to schedule a meeting. So, I am looking to get a more accurate head count. If you responded in my last journal, bug your boy friends/girl friends/life chums/what ever the heck you have so I can give him a more definite number. The meeting wouldn't be until next week sometime, but get back to me.

People who have expressed interest:

Libertad's mystery non-blogging friend

Let me know kids
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Category: gym

04/23/08 02:37 - 67ºF - ID#44115

I have an awesome Estrip idea


I know (e:Paul) and (e:libertad) have expressed interest in Allentown Athletix. This August I am going to be getting a membership there no matter what. But what about group membership?

If enough people are interested in going there I would approach them and talk about getting a group rate. If this sounds good to you post a comment.

It will be glorious.
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04/22/08 04:22 - 76ºF - ID#44102

PA fun + Crack Whore


As it turns out Clinton will nuke Iran into oblivion if they nuke Israel first. Of course, Israel has a shit load of nukes on subs so that if they are wiped off the map they can still nuke the rest of the universe. So, they really don't need our help to turn one smoldering crater into two. I am just glad she didn't go off the deep end like I thought.

Poll junkies have been making predictions about how tonights contest will end up. I am pleased to see the consensus to be consistently around 8 points for Hillary: four points closer than I thought it would be. There are even a few people who think tonight could be a major upset with a win for Obama. Seriously, I will dance in the street if he wins.

But I am still not convinced he will win by ten. One pollster said that polls are a "blunt instrument" and not the fine, sharp ones needed to get a real accurate picture. This is an extraordinary primary. With 300,000 new registered voters and unprecedented participation the only consistency between polls is a professed uncertainty in their methodology.

But enough of politics! Let's go to a blog where, from the comfort of his home, the writer sees two guys smoke crack and have sex in an ally! So horrid is it one commenter wrote "Jesus, I can almost smell that guy's cock."
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Category: politics

04/22/08 12:17 - 64ºF - ID#44094

Has Hillary Clinton Gone Bat Shit Insane


"I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran," Clinton said. "In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them."

That is from a Good Morning America interview set to air this morning.

I hope that was just taken out of context, because that is absolutely insane. Like, i am scared she is even a senator, insane. Back up our ally Israel if they are attacked, fine. I am going to attack you when I am president, padded room insane.

I really hope in context she meant the former.
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Category: politics

04/21/08 04:46 - 76ºF - ID#44085



Six weeks since the last contest in this drawn out primary. They were hitting us every week, sometimes twice there for a while. But then we have this long, long break and the suspense has been killing me.

The contest will be crazylicious. Absolutely crazy. Six weeks ago polls had HRC up by over 20 points. But that lead has been eroding steadily. Most polls have her up around 8 points and some within the margin of error. Now, I am ridiculously optimistic at times but I am not expecting an Obama win at all. I will be shocked if he loses by under ten. For one, the polls themselves are pretty dubious. Polling firms with the best track records are very mixed, most floating around ten and twelve.

What is significant about all this pre-game stuff is how ineffective HRC's strategy has been. Polls overwhelmingly show no effect to the faux-fiasco with the 'bitter' remark, or Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers, who apparently is a big evil nasty or something. The news outlets talk about the hits he is talking for this. The polls shift by a whopping 1%, and not always in her favor. In short, the kitchen sink assault of last month really was the last of her ammunition.

Well, the primary is tomorrow. I plan on spending it glued to the nets.
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Category: school

04/17/08 10:15 - 60ºF - ID#44034

Thesis Time

Well, that was fast.

Apparently I have only one class and a thesis to write. Problem is I should have started looking into a topic last semester, if I was in that program. I have worked with two professors at Buff State. One of them works in a field I am not interested in, the other is on sabbatical next year.

So I spent yesterday talking to a few different professors to see if my interests and theirs match. One of them does American art history and I would love working with the guy. I have a class with him next semester, so it might work out.

But, as I am late in getting into this, I have been thinking of expanding my senior thesis. It was on the transition from a medieval mindset to a Renaissance/Humanist mindset in Northern Europe. It dealt heavily with artists like Bosch and Durer, as well as my hero Erasmus. Oh ya, I could put you folks to sleep talking about it. (begin historian/rock star voice) "Hello Buffalo! Are you ready to NAP!" (end)

There aren't many Early Modernist historians in this country. It was a period in vogue in the 70's and is due for a comeback sometime before I am dead. You can imagine my surprise to hear that one of the professor in the department not only is an Early Modernist, but also just wrote a book and my very topic but with a different focus. Jackpot!

I might actually have fun with this!
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