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05/12/11 04:08 - ID#54273


Ok so, I just read my last post, long time ago and this post is, interestingly enough, about actually doing something.

The place where I work, which provides abortions, wants to participate in this years Pride parade on Sunday, June 5th. The problem is, we don't have a good parade vehicle, so I am asking if anyone has, or knows someone who has, an open pickup truck or sturdy attachable trailer that would be willing to let us use it on Sunday. Of course the owner could drive their own truck or we would provide a responsible driver, whatever is preferred. So, if you know anyone, please let me know. We are also trying to rent one, but the only one we have found so far requires a CDL license, which none of us have. So any suggestions in that area are also welcome. Thanks!!
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09/30/10 05:51 - 56.ºF - ID#52861

Very Sad

Great title to bring in readers. Ah well. I need to write this one out.

I just read another article about an LGBT suicide. This one, a freshman at Rutgers whose roommates decided it would be a great idea to out him by putting a video of him and his male lover online. He jumped off the George Washington Bridge. Also mentioned in this article was a 13 year old boy who hung himself after being taunted by classmates for being gay.


Along with these two, there were a bunch floating around facebook about various abuses to young kids. One was a male cheerleader who, for all we know, isn't gay, but his arm was broken for doing a "gay" thing. Then there was the transman who rightfully won the Homecoming KING crown, but the school refused to give it to him because he was registered as a female.

Ug. I dunno. I guess I just get tired of it all. They have got this whole "It gets better" project on Youtube with Dan Savage now, and I think it will probably do some good. There was no youtube when I was in high school. But. But. But, what about the perpetrators? I think we should reach out to the victims of the abuse, of course. They need advice, guidance, support. But what of the perpetrators? The children who taunted that 13 year old boy were "questioned" and authorities concluded that no crime was committed.

So what we are we teaching our children? What, for that matter, are we not only teaching, but encouraging? I am a big proponent of seeking out and targeting the middle of the road offenders. Just like we know that the KKK are racists, we know who the real homophobes are, because they make themselves known. So I'm talking about the teasers, the bullys, the "I don't want to see it" folks and even the ones who pretend to be ok with it, but something always gives them away.

I always find that I cut myself off from finishing posts like these. Part of me wants to get into it all, the social aspects of gender identity and the ways in which homophobia and hatred is infused into everything except the air we breathe. Part of me just gets tired. I suppose it's the conundrum of being driven to write by sadness. Today is ok to be sad, but sadness does not make change.
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08/27/10 05:21 - 71.ºF - ID#52584


goes the weasel.

So my parents are coming to visit this weekend and see our new place for the first time. AND, Felly's parents are also coming to visit and staying with family up north. We figured they might as well meet, since it has been FIVE fricken years. Yeah. So, I am a little bit nervous about all that jazz, but also looking forward to it at the same time.

Dunno whatever makes me decide to actually log in and comment, let alone post, but everyone now and then it feels like the right thing to do. Guess I will write a quick restaurant review while I am here.

For Felly's birthday we decided to go somewhere we hadn't been before and settled on Kostas on Hertel.
I must say it was really nice. The food was pretty good and we sat out on their pretty large porch which, although it looks out at Walgreen's, was still enjoyable because there is lots of activity. Also, Felly got some Greek beer which was pretty tasty. The portions were huge, but not too pricey and we both had leftover to eat for lunch the following day, which I always appreciate. So yeah, if you dig Greek food, I would recommend it. Oh and, I didn't get the rice pudding, so I can't comment on that, but I always get rice pudding at Mythos, which is honestly the number one reason I go, and it is amazing.

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06/14/10 12:09 - 69.ºF - ID#51884

Moving on up!

Oh my gosh it's been since December since I updated! I was poking around the new site and figured I'd try it out, so here goes.

I have a new job...I won't post the name for privacy purposed, but you all know the place where the protesters hang out on main street? i work there. I am a counselor, which is much more complicated than it sounds. I do medical histories and go over all steps of the procedure from beginning to end. It's definitely a lot and I'm still training but I have done a few solo runs and it's pretty awesome. I like that I get to work in a place with anti-bush stickers in the staff kitchen and I can be pretty comfortable being out to everyone there. So it's a big step in the right direction in terms of me finding a career and being an adult professional type person :)

Also, Felly and I have decided to have a "wedding" ceremony of sorts. We aren't doing the whole go to another state thing to get married, because 1) it's not in or budget, 2) it's not really the point. We mostly want to have a big ol' party and have our families and friends meet, because they never have. We have a little over a year to plan, and I am already stressed about it!

Finally, it was lovely to see (e:metalpeter) and (e:chico) out last weekend, as well as a brief wave to (e:libertad) and (e:mike). And of course, (e:heidi) and her pretty girl Nisha. Looking forward to running into everyone more throughout our lovely buffalo summer!
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12/02/09 01:57 - 47ºF - ID#50436


Funny, all this talk about marriage. Today, they vote. Watch it live here.

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