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12/02/09 01:57 - 47ºF - ID#50436


Funny, all this talk about marriage. Today, they vote. Watch it live here.

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10/07/09 10:25 - 52ºF - ID#49954

Windy Update

the cats are sitting at the window watching all the shit blow around from the crazy wind. ug. I don't smoke in my house and have been putting off my morning cigarette for like an hour cause I don't want to go out there!! at least is isn't currently raining. we have a leak in our kitchen cabinets of all places and my landlord hasn't come to fix the damn thing yet. grumble grumble. i reminded that he is a public figure (sorta) and I could crush him if necessary. haha. ok that's really just some fantasy of mine that will never see the light of day, except here, which I am not convinced is the light of the day. as you can see, my self induced isolation is making my a little nutty.

in other news, I am going to send in resumes and cover letters today to at the least three potential employers! I have been being a total lazy douche about getting a job and its time for me to get off my ass and get moving. I can't sit at home like this forever or I might lose my mind! I have not found anything even close to my dream job (which I don't' know what that is yet) and I will most likely get back into the working with folks with developmental disabilities field because honestly, that's mostly what there is out there in the non-profit/ human services field that doesn't require an MSW, which I don't have. I just need another year or two of experience with direct care and I think I will have some leverage with that and a master's degree. I hope. so yeah, wish me luck folks.
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10/02/09 12:06 - 49ºF - ID#49904


First of all, felly and I put up our Frost King plastic kits on the windows yesterday, and boy was it satisfying! I had read (e:libertad)'s comment about the satisfying-ness of it all, but I wasn't exactly sure why. Now I get it! I thought we were going to be blowdrying the tape, not the plastic. fancy business.

anyway, felly let me turn on the heat now that we have the plastic up. i guess this house is kinda old, cause we have these vents in the walls that blow out heat and vents in the floor that take that cold air out (?) I think. anyway, the air coming from the vents in the walls kicks in every now and then and my cat. hates. it. he lets out this... oh i dunno, sad pathetic yet extremely grating meow letting me know how much he doesn't like this vent system heat. i hope he will get used to it. poor kitty.
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09/30/09 02:30 - 48ºF - ID#49892

Winter Prep

Hey folks...question for the masses. We are planning on putting plastic on our windows in preparation for winter. Already feeling the effects of having large windows in our-what was once an open porch but is now part of the living room-section of the apartment. Just looking for suggestions on the best product to get, the best way to put it up, things to avoid, etc.

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09/17/09 10:45 - 60ºF - ID#49793


Something got ahold of (e:fellyconnelly) last night and she brought me home flowers, wine, and took me out for dinner. We decided to go to Mode. Why, I don't know, but that's what we did.

We got a bottle of Relax, Riesling from Germany and it was mighty tasty. What was even tastier was the cheese board appetizer that had brie, pecan encrusted goat cheese and gouda on it, accompanied by some strawberries, apples and bread. Oh my god, I love cheese. I ordered the pan-seared scallops on corn puree with chipotle sauce. I was honestly a little nervous about the whole corn puree thing. Didn't sound very appetizing to me, but I love scallops so I went for it. turns out that corn puree is mighty tasty and goes well with scallops. Who knew. And the chipotle sauce was faint, but that was fine with me. The scallops were perfecto. I love scallops in general, but these were fantasically cooked and coupled with the sauce and puree, they were just divine. Mmmmmm. Felly got some kind of fancy meat and potatoes which they called frittes. It looked pretty, but the meat was a little tough and the frittes, aka french fries, were awesome for about five minutes, then got kinda cold and not so amazing.

We had never been to Mode before. I have to say that, while I understand the whole ambiance thing, because of the tinted windows we initially thought they were closed. You can't see in and have no idea what kind of place you are entering until you are already there. However, it was really nice inside. the dining room is pretty small and we got stuck sitting next to the rich ladies wine and dine night, which was annoying and entertaining all at the same time. But, it's still pretty nice inside. Our waitress was really awesome. Very friendly and personable and everything a waitress should be.

Overall I think Mode was pretty great. We spent a little over one hundred for the whole thing, which isn't too bad. It's definitely not something we can afford to do all the time, but I wasn't disappointed in what we got for the money. I would recommend Mode, with the precaution that it's a little pricey, but if you are looking to get fancy and have some good eats, go for it.
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08/20/09 07:03 - 85ºF - ID#49582


Where is everybody lately? I posted on 8/17 and my post is still on the sidebar? Is it that it's too fricken hot to update or is everyone getting up off their behinds and enjoying summer Buffalo style?

Speaking of the weather...what the eff? Where did this come from? Now don't get me wrong, I prefer heat to cold any day, but I am sitting up in this second story apartment with few windows to speak of and papers all over that prevent the use of fans and I am down right miserable. I feel like taking a shower every five minutes. My forearms are constantly stuck to the computer desk and I am certain that I am sweating more than my water glass that has a small ocean forming around the bottom.

I have plans to go to Fantasy Island on Tuesday. Watch, thunderstorms all day long.

My thesis is due in EIGHT days. AAAAHHHHHHHHH. I am calm.

Felly and I have been packing a little every night, but I know that there are all those things that we can't pack until the very end because we use them on a daily basis...those things will kill us.

We did, however get rid of two garbage bags full of clothes and gave them to Amvets. Felt good to get rid of things...even though I am a hoarder who attaches sentimental value to inanimate objects, every now and then I get the urge to purge...eww...that sounded gross. but yeah, its good.

Alright. Just thought I would post a bunch of random nonsense and I think I successfully did that. Hope to see some of you out tomorrow night!
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08/17/09 10:46 - 80ºF - ID#49556

Good Story/New Place

so...(e:fellyconnelly) and I went to see a place yesterday on Delaware, just south of Hertel. There was also another very nice couple who came to see the apartment at the same time. We walked into the place and it was HUGE and very nice. We quickly decided that we wanted it and afterwards, it was clear that the other couple wanted it as well. We stood outside with the landlord and chatted as he tried to figure out who he would rent it to. turned out they had a boxer mix that, according to the landlord, looked like a pit bull, so they were instantly like, "oh we will get rid of him" the landlord was like, ok.. well, what if I tell you that I am a member of ______. I won't put the exact name down because I know how searchable this is, but let's just say it's a caffeinated beverage that isn't coffee which is thrown into the water in protest of government interventions and taxes. Yeah. I just googled this guy and he's pretty anti-Obama, anti-healthcare reform, anti-"socialism" etc etc. So there's that.

what happened was, he decided that he was gonna flip a coin to decide who got to rent this place. They male of the other couple kept saying "ladies first" and I guess because we had two ladies and they only had one, I said "heads". Coin flips up into the air and lands heads up on the landlords hand. YES! We got the place!! Very exciting considering we were getting pretty scared that we had two weeks to find a place....

I can overlook the whole right-wing activist thing...I certainly won't ever get in a conversation about politics with him, thats for damn sure. But, for a HUGE bedroom with a bay window, a brand new kitchen, a dining room, giant living room with (non working) fireplace and a second bedroom...I don't care who the landlord is, as long as he treats me with respect, which I think this guy certainly will.

So, at the end of this month Felly and I will no longer be living on the elmwood strip, or even in Elmwood village for that matter. I am a little sad about that for sure. I love it here and am going to miss it. I am not especially looking forward to living on a four lane road across from Big Lots, but I do have a back yard and a quick walk to Hertel for a little culture and nightlife, so all will be well. Plus, winters coming and I generally stay in for most of that nonsense anyway :)
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08/12/09 08:35 - 65ºF - ID#49513

Happy Birthday Fellly!

She never reads this anymore, but what the hell.

anyways, we had a successful trip down to Westchester/NYC/Queens/New Paltz. Spent about 5 hours in the museum of natural history! you can see pics on facebook. :)

My thesis is due on t-minus 16 days and only 19 days to find an apt. and move.

Hmm. apt. How long is too long to wait for the right one? All I really want is an upper with a balcony that has off street parking and is pet friendly. Not too much to ask right? But we just haven't really found anything yet and I am getting worried that I am holding out for a place that will never come. I guess I will wait maybe 5 more days or so and see if anything pops up and if not...I will have to make some compromise.

On the job front...when felly and I were still planning on moving to the city, I told my job that I was leaving and have decided that I am still going to leave in hopes of finding a full time job that will give me some resume experience...I don't know if this is the best idea either. Will I be able to find a job? who knows...let's hope for the best.

Oh...and for (e:metalpeter) and anyone else who is interested, Elmwood Regal had finally gotten the 3D projectors!! Going to take one of my kids to see G-Force in 3D today.
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07/24/09 06:32 - 71ºF - ID#49369

thesis and such

to begin, I am in the last 5 week countdown of my thesis completion. needless to say i am a little stressed...although it could be worse. i am trying to take a different attitude with the whole thing cause my lack of work over the last five or so months is a good indicator that whatever it was i have been doing wasn't working.

in other news
felly and i aren't leaving buffalo. we decided that we simply aren't ready to move yet. financially speaking, we don't have enough saved to be comfortable in making the leap and neither of us had found jobs when we made this decision. Emotionally speaking we just aren't ready and honestly, i think neither of us are sure that westchester/nyc is where we would go when we do decide to move. i think we certainly will be moving out of buffalo in 6-9 months, but not september, that's for sure.

we are, however, still moving out of our current place cause we told our landlords that we were and our downstairs neighbor already has her sights on our apt. im a little nervous about moving because we have it pretty good here, but i am on the look out for a pet friendly apt with a second floor balcony that doesn't have a bug problem and... oh yeah, good heat and hot water. i hate being cold. at first i thought we could move a little more north, but the truth is, i like down here in ye olde elmwood village. i could even do allentown or depending on the area, a couple blocks to the east or west of elmwood. maybe i am too picky. probably.

oh and

7:oo ISH $5 cash at the door gets you hours of fun and excitement
910 Main Street above Hyatts Art Store just south of Allen
come one come all bring your friends

peace out.
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07/10/09 09:09 - 77ºF - ID#49256


I have to work tomorrow in Lackawanna...I usually take Elmwood straight down to get on the question is...should I just take the Thruway instead or will I still be able to get onto 5 from Elmwood?


Is Elmwood closed off for Taste of Buff tomorrow and if it isn't... should I still just avoid that entire area completely?

I drove straight through the allentown artfest and thought it was kinda fun :)
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