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04/26/08 10:32 - 76ºF - ID#44152

$40 and a bag o' hair

So, I did. I chopped off the majority of my hair. I will put up pics soon. I went to the New Age Salon and although I had to break down and spend $40...$29 for the cut plus tip, I must say it was pretty worth it. It's super nice in there. Smells all head shoppy but not in that gross kind of way. There are cute wide almost bed type benches to lounge in while you wait and stack of ArtVoice's to keep you occupied.
The woman who did my hair was also super cute. Julie I think. Anyway, when she washed my hair she was more like massaging my head, which I am a sucker for. And although she did that thing that alllll hairdressers like to do: put ridiculous amounts of "product" in my hair, I was really happy with the final result, although I did have to shower to get all that gunk out. It took over an hour for the entire process, which is probably the most time I have spent in a hair salon since I went to my Junior Prom. I guess it's just not my thing.
But my hair feels like summer to me. It moves and bounces and shit and it dried in less than an hour after my shower last night. Usually it takes at least two plus for a complete air dry. Now I can go to Florida and not have to pack extra shampoo and conditioner for my ridiculously long locks.
I have a bag of hair sitting on my desk. All other times I have donated my hair the salon has taken care of that stuff for me, but I think locks of love is changing. They don't list salons that participate anymore on their website and unlike last time, my cut certainly was not free. But its all good.

Oh yes, and I have 5 more days untill my semester is (almost) over. I have a half assed paper due Monday. A pseudo presentation on Tuesday and a big ass final paper on Wednesday AND THEN on Thursday Felly and I are going to see AVENUE Q at Shea's and on Friday at butt ass early in the morning we leave for FloRida. I have one more paper due when I get back, but I have a whole week to finish that one so it's no sweat. I can't believe the semester is over this quickly. Summer is here and I am a happy happy girl!

AND felly and I are getting a dog. As soon as we get back from Florida we will be on the hunt for a cute wittle weeener dog to love and cherish. This also means that we will be getting our asses off the couch and actually walking around elmwood and allen for the sake of our pooch. Should be swell.
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04/22/08 10:09 - 63ºF - ID#44096

Hey Ladies

I can't take it anymore!!! This hair has got to go. I am looking for recommendations on where to get my hair lopped off. I want to donate it to locks of love so if they do it or will at least cut it off in a pony tail so i can do it, that would be swell. I am going for cheap... as in 20bucks or less cause I don't need anything fancy.... any input would be swell and dandy.
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04/07/08 10:53 - 52ºF - ID#43933

For the Record

Felly and I have had NO. Zero. Zip. Nada internet for the past... I dunno, forever. It some ways it has been kinda nice...not spending time procrasting while I should be doing work...ehem, like right now, but at other times it sucked balls. I was forced to pull out my print dictionary to look up words while writing papers, and had to spend extra time on campus to check my email and shit. It really made me greatful for the fact that I have a home that I can go to do work while others are forced to spend extensive periods in the computer lab or the library to writer papers and do research. I hate both. Of course I was computer-less for all of college and spent much of my time in computer labs, but I guess there is a certain sense of superiority that comes with being a grad student...or maybe I am just old. Either way, I am particular and like most of all to be comfortable. A snob really. Whatever. We're Back!!
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