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01/21/11 09:59 - 10.ºF - ID#53471

Bye Bye Buffalo?

Well I came back to Buffalo 4 years ago....and I might be leaving again. Lost my job last month and there is nothing available in this town! The jobs are terrible and the pay is worse! Going to FL next week to prospect jobs & apartments.
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05/11/10 11:42 - 51ºF - ID#51538 pmobl


Anyone have any experience working at ingram micro? I have s phone interview for market spec coming up.
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05/02/10 10:32 - 72ºF - ID#51492


So there's been a strong "Buy American" mantra going on lately, due to the economy and US car manufacturers troubles no doubt. I've never really gave a damn where anything was made, mostly because of my belief in the capitalistic system...people will buy what is better...price (all that crap made in China), quality (vehicles....I will never buy a US vehicle again), whatever the criteria.

But it's become obvious that almost NOTHING is made here anymore! So where is this country headed? What will be our economic backbone that will help us remain a world power? I see us in 50 years being a "second world" country for sure. The system is broken. Capitalism left alone will fail. Our Government is a travesty. Time for a reboot.
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05/01/10 10:34 - 75ºF - ID#51484

Work work work

A PSA to be nice to the census enumerators walking the streets starting this week. I'm one of them!!

Haven't posted in a while but maybe it'll stick this time. It was a combination of a boring life hence nothing to post about, and, well, that's mainly it. Working to change all that so we'll see.

So yes I took a part time job with the census in addition to my hellish full time job...$13.50/hr + 50cents/mile for any mileage incurred is a pretty good deal. Plus I'm assigned my immediate neighborhood which is pretty cool.

I also have a second interview coming up for what would amount to a third job but isn't really a job in my eyes...more on that to come.

This past week was our census training. First two days boring sitting in a room having a booklet read to us type crap but the last two days we got in teams and started practicing our enumerating! Plus we did like 9-4 every day. How nice is it to not be doing 7-5, then 1-10 the next day then 7-6 then 1-10 etc etc....I actually was getting into a sort of routine, felt better, was happier and not all stressed out about my store. Well that's over, back to the real job at 1:00 today...shoot me.

Anyway this made me realize I don't only need to get away from my current employer but out of retail altogether. I need to find a job with normal people hours but can't afford a pay cut either. Crossing my fingers.
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05/11/09 12:27 - 42ºF - ID#48645

A Year...

So it's been a year since James' Allentown Athletix push as I got a postcard saying my membership expires the 15th. Thanks James, I actually got really into working out for the first time ever but eventually stopped's too far from me to be practical, so I won't be renewing my membership. Maybe Fitness 360 on this end of Delaware since it's soooo close, or maybe I'll research one of the places on Hertel.
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