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02/10/24 08:14 - ID#60917

Hello hello

Hello everybody
How are you doing?
it had beeeeeen so long time...
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Category: nostalgia

10/05/17 08:39 - ID#60774

Queen - I Want To Break Free

Queen - I Want To Break Free

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Category: holiday

07/01/17 06:51 - ID#60773


This year we have hell instead of summer
The only way to be alive is living in pool. :)

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Category: travel

03/02/17 08:17 - ID#60771

I love these goldfishes

when I went to visit one of my friends in Istanbul, I was waiting for him in lobby
suddenly I fell in love with these big goldfishes.

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Category: building

11/23/16 04:28 - ID#60718

Trump Towers in Istanbul

I was at Istanbul for some days to doing Interview by USA embassy, then I saw Trump Towers!

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