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Category: events

12/22/13 09:05 - ID#58478

Yalda night

Last night was Yalda
Yalda is the Iranian winter solstice celebration.

My mom and I cooked Russian cooky

wow that was great
...pomegranate and nuts
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Category: events

11/10/13 01:50 - ID#58272


Drowsiness is an allergy?? I think autumn weather is reason of my drowsy feeling
when I wake up , some hours later I feeling sleepiness again :(
these days I like my bed more and more :-D
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Category: events

11/08/13 01:12 - ID#58264

new Glasses

finally I change my old italian style glasses with a new one that have golden anti-reflex layer.
but I'm not too keen for using the new model. :-S
sorry if my handwriting is terrible ;-)
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11/08/13 12:54 - ID#58263

NO internet, NO life!

I was traveled to a small town near my city for my grandmother's funeral.
there I haven't internet (WiFi) and my cellphone was like a brick that can make a call and send sms, of course there were GPRS but it is so expensive!
now I come back home and I feel I belong to 10 years ago and I am not aware of the news and estrip ;-)

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11/03/13 03:21 - ID#58236

kind little girl

:-) i have never seen such a soft hearted little girl
thaks for flowers, specially theyr color
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