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Category: new year

04/07/14 01:34 - ID#58877

Persian New Year (Nowruz)

Nowruz is the name of the Iranian New Year in the Solar Hijri calendar.
we celebrated nowruz at this current month with our family.
we prepare the Haft-Seen table!
Haft seen is a traditional table setting of Nowruz includes seven items all starting with the letter sīn (س)

In addition to Haft-Seen, we'll paint a few eggs + gold fish + mirror + candles and of course nuts

Sabzeh - (Persian: سبزه‎)-wheat, barley, mung bean or lentil sprouts growing in a dish - symbolizing rebirth
Samanu - (Persian: سمنو‎)-sweet pudding made from wheat germ - symbolizing affluence
Senjed - (Persian: سنجد‎)-dried oleaster Wild Olive fruit - symbolizing love
Sir - (Persian: سیر‎)- garlic - symbolizing medicine
Sib - (Persian: سیب‎)- apples - symbolizing beauty and health
Somāq - (Persian: سماق‎)sumac fruit - symbolizing (the color of) sunrise
Serkeh - (Persian: سرکه‎) - vinegar - symbolizing old-age and patience


Our holiday meal prepare with fish, rice and vegetables.




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Category: life

03/07/14 11:00 - ID#58764

boring days..

Life is full of pain..
little away from here there are lifes that are full of happiness, freshness and sometimes pains, but THEY HAVE HAPPINESS AT LEAST..

I came down at this point of land in my journey from heaven to the earth.
here, in my land, in my lovely home, honestly I mean in my country I have to just watching the happiness and freedom of others in some aspects.
after many years now I am boring soooo much and I feel like a bird that has no wings..
So love your life dear friends.
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Category: app

01/12/14 04:19 - ID#58569

kies air

finally I used " Kies Air" application, that is for samsung's cellphones, I heard is better we don't use of USB cable for transfer data from laptop/pc/.. to phone because maybe it lead to erase information from one of the ICs in the phone ( 0_o )...
really I don't know and I have no idea about it, however maybe this issue will occur with lose of good connection between USB port and cable

consequently I try Kies Air that work with wifi signals and I can transfer data with top speed without usb

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Category: food

01/10/14 03:16 - ID#58560

Tasty lunch

I suppose that Chicken schnitzel is one of the best foods for lunch meal, specially if my mom cooked it.
Thank you mom

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Category: help

12/24/13 09:11 - ID#58486

which one?

as I have two sim card and I want to be available for mine contacts on the two operators broadcast, so decided to buy dual simcard cellphone
now which one is better?
Samsung galaxy garand dous (5" screen)
Samsung galaxy mega 5.8" dous (5.8" screen)
I am confused 0_o


mega 5.8"
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Category: events

12/22/13 09:05 - ID#58478

Yalda night

Last night was Yalda
Yalda is the Iranian winter solstice celebration.

My mom and I cooked Russian cooky

wow that was great
...pomegranate and nuts
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Category: help

11/30/13 03:58 - ID#58399

help! what is this??

anybody know about the task of this part on the back of samsung galaxy note II ?
there is two metallic pin!! may be this is NFC tag?? or something like that?
thank you in advance
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Category: teravel

11/30/13 03:45 - ID#58398

Namak Abrood

Namak Abrood is a touristic village near the Caspian Sea (north of Iran)
I love that place
specially journey on the mountain whit telecabin and pass among fog and...
maybe there is part of paradise

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Category: food

11/18/13 04:43 - ID#58321

wonderful fruit

such a wonderful fruit!
ha ha I mixed apple and Nectarine
It has amazing taste
try it
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Category: food

11/17/13 10:15 - ID#58316

I am a vegetarian?

I am a vegetarian?
not sure but I know vegetables are so useful for body
hey my body, I am taking care of u

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