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Category: computer

11/03/13 01:52 - ID#58234

new view

New day with new experience
unfortunately windows7 can't extend taskbar, maybe must try win8
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Category: not good

11/02/13 10:33 - ID#58221

the last one...

when u see his picture on the "whats app" and "we chat" applications and u can't say anything and u have to "just" watch...
you think to good memories that have with he and tears come down...
this moment is far far away from daily life but is here in your heart

still i love you my dear last friend. :'(
i love you even you don't like me.
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Category: body

11/02/13 08:28 - ID#58220

my jungle

my overgrown jungle
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Category: start

11/02/13 08:19 - ID#58219


helllllo everybody
I'm here just because of dear (e:Paul), (e:joe) and (e:terry)
Im starting update here...

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