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Category: randomo

01/21/08 11:51 - 15ºF - ID#42973

Awww, tanks

Thanks for all the positive feedback on my potential project...I have to admit, I am also considering doing a project on monogomous gay couples and depending on how many I find, I might do that instead, as it is slightly more relevant to my personal research interests, but if that doesn't work, I will be sure to let you all know.

Today I am going to the dentist. Advantage Dentistry on Elmwood in Kenmore. They aparently have stereo headphones for my probing pleasure and a pill that can make you sleep through the entire procedure...I don't know about that whole thing...I am hoping that doesn't mean I have to pay extra for those pansy ass folks who can't handle a little poke in the mouth. Hah.

Oh yes...and the Bandits game. I have to say, it was less painful than I thought. I felt kinda like the first time I went to NYC though.. we got to the suite and there were all these tables with candles on them, a beautiful food spread, and a bartender who came right up and asked if he could get us anything. Free booze rocks! I felt like a star. And plus...the sing a song...or chant a chant, whatever you want to call it...and maybe I am juvenile, but BOX is just funny.
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Category: school

01/19/08 11:35 - 21ºF - ID#42950


Hello friends...I know I have been neglecting you all, and now I have come to ask yet another favor. I am taking an ethnographic methods class (ie. qualitative research) and I have to eventually write a 20 page paper based on interviews of a select group that I choose... I have not cleared this with my Prof yet, but I was considering using you all for this little mini study. I think that online communities are all the rage :) and this would be the perfect size to do a small scale, localized study of such a group. Of course you would be completely anonomous...I guess I have to go through some board of blahdeeblah in order to get my research approved, so it will all be on the up and you get this gist? I would of couse be wanting interviews...anywhere from an hour or more that would be recorded...and I would buy you coffee or lunch for your troubles. Again, this is not a sure thing yet, but if anyone would be willing to participate, please let me know so I can have an idea of whether or not this is feasable.
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01/10/08 09:06 - 38ºF - ID#42826


ok, so i need to have a wisdom tooth pulled...i am pretty sure it should be a simple extraction...not needing an oral surgeon... however, i have no insurance and am therefore looking for recommendations for dentists who are reasonable cheap yet won't give me a staph infection. i am not one of those terrified of dentist types, but I have only been to one dentist in my whole life who went to my church and was friends of the fam, so this is new for me. Please help!
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01/04/08 01:17 - 28ºF - ID#42748

what did i miss?

so felly and i returned a few days ago from our trip to lake george, only to find a giant gaping whole that was once a building on elmwood. anyone know what im talking about? it is one block north of Casa di Pizza but i can't for the life of me remember what was there. it looks like a fire, but we tried searching for it online and found nothing...i was hoping you all, being the wealth of knowledge that you are, could help me out on this. i guess i just nosy, but inquiring minds want to know!
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