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Dear friends, I am still alive, contrary to popular belief. Needless to say, the end of the semester was rough for me. I think that my ass and this chair are now the bestest of friends. For the last week I have to admit, I have shut down...spending my days watching marathons of America's Next Top Model and not showering... loads of fun! I think (e:james) put it best when he called it postpartum depression. I have no books to read, no classes to go...I feel useless and worthless and washed up. However, the funny thing is, I am not even done yet! I still have one more paper that is due the 18th which, for the last 5 days, I have successfully ignored. Part of me wishes I had just gotten it over and done with so I could really be done, but that just ain't the way I roll.

And I am sorry that felly and I missed the party. I think that might have been exactly what she needed to get into the chrismas spirit and for me to remember that there are real life, 3D human beings in Buffalo that I can converse with rather that stare at. Ah well.

All in all though, I am happy with how this, my first semester in grad school, turned out. I am still unsure about this whole bufalo/city thing but I think I can handle it at least for another 18 months. Then, who knows...the possibilities are endless.

Finally, for those of you who don't know, Jodie Foster is a big lesbian. This is what I do with my time.
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