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09/30/09 02:30 - 48ºF - ID#49892

Winter Prep

Hey folks...question for the masses. We are planning on putting plastic on our windows in preparation for winter. Already feeling the effects of having large windows in our-what was once an open porch but is now part of the living room-section of the apartment. Just looking for suggestions on the best product to get, the best way to put it up, things to avoid, etc.

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09/17/09 10:45 - 60ºF - ID#49793


Something got ahold of (e:fellyconnelly) last night and she brought me home flowers, wine, and took me out for dinner. We decided to go to Mode. Why, I don't know, but that's what we did.

We got a bottle of Relax, Riesling from Germany and it was mighty tasty. What was even tastier was the cheese board appetizer that had brie, pecan encrusted goat cheese and gouda on it, accompanied by some strawberries, apples and bread. Oh my god, I love cheese. I ordered the pan-seared scallops on corn puree with chipotle sauce. I was honestly a little nervous about the whole corn puree thing. Didn't sound very appetizing to me, but I love scallops so I went for it. turns out that corn puree is mighty tasty and goes well with scallops. Who knew. And the chipotle sauce was faint, but that was fine with me. The scallops were perfecto. I love scallops in general, but these were fantasically cooked and coupled with the sauce and puree, they were just divine. Mmmmmm. Felly got some kind of fancy meat and potatoes which they called frittes. It looked pretty, but the meat was a little tough and the frittes, aka french fries, were awesome for about five minutes, then got kinda cold and not so amazing.

We had never been to Mode before. I have to say that, while I understand the whole ambiance thing, because of the tinted windows we initially thought they were closed. You can't see in and have no idea what kind of place you are entering until you are already there. However, it was really nice inside. the dining room is pretty small and we got stuck sitting next to the rich ladies wine and dine night, which was annoying and entertaining all at the same time. But, it's still pretty nice inside. Our waitress was really awesome. Very friendly and personable and everything a waitress should be.

Overall I think Mode was pretty great. We spent a little over one hundred for the whole thing, which isn't too bad. It's definitely not something we can afford to do all the time, but I wasn't disappointed in what we got for the money. I would recommend Mode, with the precaution that it's a little pricey, but if you are looking to get fancy and have some good eats, go for it.
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