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11/03/21 08:58 - ID#60854 pmobl

Joe Biden, sacrificial lamb

Is Joe Biden a sacrificial lamb?

Where is Kamala?

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05/02/16 08:06 - ID#60480 pmobl

Mike and my bros

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11/06/15 04:27 - ID#60313

Missing Grammy and Grandpa

I've been really missing my grandparents lately. When Salvatore died and we went to the church for the funeral mass I wept like a baby, it was the first time I had been in the catholic church since they died. They played all the same music, Ave maria, let there be peace on earth, etc. It took all my strength not to run out of the church, it was like they had both just died.

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11/01/15 09:07 - ID#60308 pmobl

angel of death

inspired by Frances Conroy, American horror story, asylum. make up by masumi

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11/01/15 12:05 - ID#60306 pmobl

Christmas gift for e:joe?

I thought Joe would like this since he woofs all the time.

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