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06/05/08 06:59 - 80ºF - ID#44556

I love my netti petti

My netti petti is awesome! I have been using it two days and no longer have a soar throat from talking all day at work and I can breath so much better. Because I am getting more oxygen I feel more energetic and happier than I have in a long time. I really had no idea how bad my sinuses were! It's just like a tea pot that has a spout and you pour the saline solution in one nose and out the other.

There are ants ALL over my kitchen (old apt). It seems most people in old homes have ant problems.

What is with these new parking meters all over? What a waste of money. Who wants to walk almost a block away to get a ticket and then back again to put it on your dashboard in the winter so that you can park on the street?

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06/03/08 10:10 - 62ºF - ID#44534

Piss off

My move date has been postponed for two weeks so that the new apartment can have some work done. I couldn't even have imagined a better scenario. The landlord really wants to get the smell out because it bothered us so much. Not only did he agree to let me rip out the carpets and have the hardwoods sealed with polyurethane but he also is taking out half of the dry wall and all of the ceramic tile floor in the bathroom so that the cat piss smell will be addressed fundamentally. The sub-floor will be able to be cleaned and then sealed. I really do not expect to smell any cat urine after this is all done.

Not only the bathroom is being re-done but we also have a brand new porch! The entire thing is rebuilt! It is going to be awesome. We also have brand new appliances. We painted the mint-ting-a-lang walls to something very neutral and really brings out the wood work. I have already done so much cleaning and have moved in half of our stuff thanks to Steve's brother and his fiancee, Mandy, our friend lauren and (e:mike). Thanks! We got the new fridge and oven and they are so awesome. I am so happy to be moving into this place when only a week ago I felt so defeated. I really felt so let down and unhappy and now it has all turned into a benefit. We were able to get refunded on half a months rent and were permitted to stay another half month in our current place. I really could not imagine it being any better than this a week ago today. At one point Steve and I were going to baill and lose all of our money and risk being sued so that we would not have to move in there.

As far as my previous cat hating post yes it was a bit harsh against the kitties. They really don't deserve it. Nothing spells trash like cat piss though. All that being said Rabbit piss wouldn't be all that nice either! Really anyone who sees animals not being cared for should call the authoritay!

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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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