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Category: elmwood

05/08/09 06:12 - ID#48627

4+ Car Accident Elmwood

So last night around 9:30pm I was outside on my porch when I heard a screeeeechCRASH! It was obviously a car crash and I knew right away that it wasn't any average fender bender, but what Felly and I (and practically all of our apartment building and the surrounding neighbors) saw when we got out there was more than I had expected.

First, right in front of our building was a COP CAR slammed into a parked car that happened to belong to my downstairs neighbor. On the opposite side of the street was another car that had been hit. Further north on the street was another jeep that was also involved. There may have been a fifth car but I did not venture up there in my pj's to check it out.

We heard one story that claimed that the cop car had been chasing someone without their lights on and had to swerve to miss someone who pulled out in front of them. Another story said that cop was just driving to fast. Either way, I can't quite make out what happened, especially after seeing the tire marks on the road this morning. Some twenty to thirty feet from where the cop car stopped the skid marks start...looking as though the cop hit a car up there and continued to slide that thirty feet, somehow hitting another car in the process. Either way, that cop was going WAY TOO FAST for a residential street. Unless he was chasing a murderer, slow the eff down, especially at night when you can barely see pedestrians crossing 10 feet in front of you. Someone could have been killed. If you are on the 300 block of Elmwood in the next couple days, check out the skid marks and the carnage.

Oh AND, my poor neighbor. SHE has to pay to get her car fixed and then the Buffalo police will POSSIBLY reimburse her! Need I not remind you that she was PARKED on the street, legally I might add, and wasn't even in her car when it happened and she has to pay AND she is moving to Rochester next week and they are going to make her drive back and forth for paperwork BS. All I can say is the Buffalo Police Department needs to take some responsibility here. I don't care if you have lights on your car and a badge with your name on it, if you are speeding down a street and cause a four car accident, you better pay.

Oh and. Why isn't this on the internet yet? I googled pretty much everything I can think of and it's a no show. I know there were news channels there last night because we saw there cameras. Hm.

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Category: elmwood

01/04/08 01:17 - ID#42748

what did i miss?

so felly and i returned a few days ago from our trip to lake george, only to find a giant gaping whole that was once a building on elmwood. anyone know what im talking about? it is one block north of Casa di Pizza but i can't for the life of me remember what was there. it looks like a fire, but we tried searching for it online and found nothing...i was hoping you all, being the wealth of knowledge that you are, could help me out on this. i guess i just nosy, but inquiring minds want to know!
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Category: elmwood

09/18/07 11:59 - ID#41174


So apparently there was a fire on Elmwood, one door south from the Rite Aid Pharmacy and Bryant. this is not very far from my own apt. and felly and I just kept on sleeping, oblivious. According to the story it was a historic house built in the 1890's and the materials that were used in building it can not be found today. the link is here if anyone is interested:

In the article you can really feel the pain of the guy who owned the house and puts lots of money and work into it. He loved that house and compared losing it to the death of his parents. Very sad. I am not sure where I am going with this, but I guess it is making me think about loving inanamate things, objects really, and the human ability to bring them to life in all but the true sense of the word.

Moving on to more mundane things like the weather. Tomorrow it is supposed to be beautiful and felly and I both kinda have the day off (although I feel like I can never have a day off because the reading just keeps on coming). Either way, I know that beautiful days like today and tomorrow will not be around for much longer, so I plan on enjoying them as much as I can.

In other news. I have come to discover that driving west on 33 at 7:00pm is the worst idea ever. The sun is soooo blinding that I can't see the road, the car in front of me, the signs, nothing. For this reason, and this reason only, I am looking forward to the sun setting a little earlier each day. and if you happen to be driving on that road at the time, I am the douche bag driving 50 mph in the middle while people pass me on both sides because I can't see a godam thing!
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Category: elmwood

08/29/07 07:07 - ID#40812

Road Block

So, as I type there are about 4-5 officers of the law parked outside my apartment with their little lights ahflashin. By the looks of it they are checking people registrations and what not, but may or may not be looking for a one armed man. And of course, as soon one citizen pulled over directly in front of our driveway for whatever reason, Felly shows up and has to practically drive on the grass to get in. Now, I respect police officers for various reasons, but I feel like this is truly a waste of their time and my money. Sure they may indeed catch a true criminal by accident, but chances are they are just annoying everyday folk like you and me who, for the most part, are law abiding. I guess I just want them to not bother me unless I ask for it, and in my opinion driving down the street is not asking for it. That is all.
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