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04/07/13 09:11 - ID#57473

I miss blogging

Recently I discovered I miss blogging. It was cathartic for me to be able to get what I was thinking out on paper. There's no way I'd put any of that out there publicly now though.

On a *much* happier note I just bought a ticket to Buffalo. Can't wait to see my peeps and make Paul drive me around, and squeeze the babies!!
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11/17/12 03:52 - ID#56901 pmobl

Monster Cuties!

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11/17/12 03:49 - ID#56900 pmobl

You know you're in Buffalo when...

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11/07/12 03:23 - ID#56880

Do people even blog anymore?

Remember when blogging was all the rage?

I figured while I was here reading I'd post something quickly.

I'll be in the blo next week and possibly the week after. I could really use some Buffalo love from everyone. The week of the storm was less than ideal emotionally and since the storm I've essentially been homeless. To put it in perspective I did't lose everything I own and everyone I love is alive, but it's still been trying at best.

I'm guessing since I'll be home around Thanksgiving everyone will be in town? We should plan a meet-up in Allentown/Elmwood..

It's funny how some things never change. I always run home when I'm feeling down.
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09/18/12 08:07 - ID#56776


I haven't blogged in 2 years. My 2 hour conversation with (e:paul) has inspired me.
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