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Category: potpourri

03/20/07 03:02 - ID#38530

Study in hand shadows

I was cleaning out pictures on my camera and found this. I love finding fun pictures that you didn't take.







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Category: potpourri

09/15/06 04:02 - ID#22819

Because I havent posted in forever

I'll post a little something for the fans out there. Or just the 5 people who actually read my blog. So:

1. There's nothing like Fashion Week to make you feel like the: fattest, shortest, ugliest, most unfashionable person in the city. Really it's awesome. I went down to Bryant Park the other day to stalk whatever celebs I could see. No luck in seeing anyone famous. I did however see models and lots of expensive looking stuff. Yea for fashion.

2. I finally sucked it up and got a new phone because of the whole Cingular debacle. I hate it. I loved my old phone. The guy looked at it and laughed. He didn't think they made phones like that anymore. The new phone is way to small to actually be of any use. I make fun of the Gordon Gekko brick cell phone, but really I mock it because I love it. I wish I had one.

3. Apple came out with the new ipods. I love them and will be buying one. They are so small now. All I can think of is the SNL skit they did with the ever shrinking ipod. Except now its actually happening.

4. I actually purchased a ticket to Buffalo for Sept 29-Oct 1. Be ready to party like a rockstar!! I fully expect everyone to be at PMT's house warming party so I can either mock you or be friends with you. Either one. (please realize that was 75% sarcasm and 25% actual)

5. It's 3:48pm and I can't wait to get the heck out of work.

6. On a more somber note. I'm so glad 9/11 has come and gone again for another year. My mom called me about 5 times that day to check on me. On one hand, it was nice. On the other I didn't really want to discuss it 5 times. It's days like that when you realize that no matter what nyc is an amazing city. for one day fewer people were jerks. it was almost like everyone in the city was giving each other a big hug. then the next day back to everyone giving each other the finger. i like both equally.

And finally:

7. To give (e:chico) & (e:chicoschica) their proper due:

They were the first to post about Kickball. I was referring to Dodgeball. Two very different sports as I point out to (e:chico). One you kick the ball at people's head's and the other you thow the ball at people's head's. Both played by hipsters in knee socks, but at their core very different. Mea Culpa!!
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Category: potpourri

08/07/06 02:56 - ID#22805

Oh where to begin?

Last Thursday I was going to post and the post would have looked like this:

I heart boys. Office make out boy is back today and brought in cute little gifts for moi. And by gifts I mean the free swag from his first class flight back to the US. Also I got a scarf that apparently is going to help me attract the Euros come winter time. Also the bad spanish soap opera continued with me being bent over the desk at one point. So bad, yet so good.

Then I was going to post on Friday, but instead I got drunk after work. In any case the post would have looked like this:

I do not heart boys. Office make out boy has some sort of new ignoring agenda going on and I do not approve. I understand the whole need for secrecy, but come on. Regan and Castro had more communication during the 80s then we had. To top it off as we were leaving the building he just crossed the street with out so much as a later gator. I have hurt feelings.

Saturday rolled around and again I didn't post because instead I got drunk. The evening started out with a little smoke in the park with a snack of pico de gallo. It was down hill from there. By the end of the evening we had left a burlesque club in disgust because of the lack of boobies and were recounting out first anal sex experiences. I'm not sure how a bunch of girls with such sweet looking faces can be so utterly filthy. I was going to use the adjective raunchy there, but once you bring in anal sex I believe you must then begin using filthy. Then I got home at 5am.

And I was going to post on Sunday, but you know the drill. I got drunk instead. After a very sparse 5.5 hours of sleep I awoke to meet the gang for brunch in Inwood. An all you can drink brunch. I got drunk again. Then we bought the newspaper, sat in the park and smoked (or should I say the usual smokers smoked) and ate ice cream. It was so fun.

And now it's Monday and I plan on staying sober for at least 2 days in a row. Below are some pictures,courtesy of resident photographer Bauwhore, from Sunday.

Carolyn was out till the wee hours. Can you tell?

Eamon and Cate were not out till 4:30am. You can tell. They look happy.

I'm drinking to ward off a hangover.

What a good looking group of kids.

This is Emily "Bringing the Sexy Back" as Justin Timberlake would say.

Walky walk to the park.

This is my evil "Want some ice cream little boy" face. It's also my "It's Sunday and I'm burnt" face.
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Category: potpourri

10/19/05 01:26 - ID#22720

For all you fuckers

who constantly wonder why I am broke even though I make a great salary by Buffalo standards please read:

I had so much fun in Buffalo. I am really glad I went home for the weekend. Can everyone just move to NYC so we can have fun here?

In response to Paul's comment about my trying to bite off his mangle nail like a rabid dog. I see it more as an (E:strip) community service. No one wants that thing around.

Death Cab for Cutie tonight. I am excited. I am sure cute boys will be all over there.

On another note go to This band is playing B'lo soon. The drummer is a former banker- how can you go wrong with a band like that? Seriously they are really good and I insist that you support my friends.
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