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01/25/09 08:33 - 14ºF - ID#47521

Am I Elaine?

Elaine: Oh come on. I'm not difficult I'm easy.

Jerry: Why because you dress casual and sleep with a lot of guys?

  • Me: Oh so wearing jeans doesn't automatically make you easy to date?
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01/22/09 04:36 - 27ºF - ID#47492


If I could marry a company Bose would for shiz be in the running.

I have this tendancy to go through like 3 pairs of Bose in ear headphones a year. Not because they are a crappy product, but simply because I use them for at least 4 hours a day. I tend to crumple them up and stuff them in my pocket after each use. Great way to treat $100 headphones I know. Well my latest pair I purchased in December and they are already broken. Somehow I managed to detach one part from another. I figured it was worth a shot to call Bose and see if they'd fix them- even if I had to pony up a partial payment or something. I gave their 1-800 number a call and boom- new headphones for free. All I had to do was go along with the suggestion that I did nothing to cause them to break.

I should have the new headphones in 2 weeks. Yay!

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01/20/09 04:49 - 14ºF - ID#47466


When I was last in AZ I had a bit of a "culture snob" moment. Everyone wanted to go see a movie and I said if they wouldnt see a movie I wanted I would just go to the Frank Lloyd Wright House instead. As you can see I went my own way (Fleetwood Mac style).This is a sample of what I saw:

  • I still don't get his whole Asian thing. I mean I get where it came from and all that. It always just surprises me when I see it in his work.

  • This is his wife's bedroom. It's this tiny area, his room was MUCH larger and had a bathroom attached. I'm not saying FLW hates women, but I am pointing out the difference in size.

  • This is one shot of the studio area/living area. It is beautiful. 'Nuff said.
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01/20/09 04:43 - 14ºF - ID#47465

Bipartisian Inaguration Treats

In honor of today I made my office have a party. Literally I made them. I had to give this speech about America and being a citizen.

I had this on my desk all day:


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01/20/09 04:41 - 14ºF - ID#47464


Sometimes I even amaze myself with the delicious things I cook. Below is a soulvaki that gives Pano a run for his money.

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01/19/09 01:01 - 17ºF - ID#47447

Yes Please


Srsly can she be any hotter?
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01/19/09 12:22 - 17ºF - ID#47446

Hotels in Buffalo

I'm looking for some recs on Hotels in Buffalo. My Mother and I are coming to Buf-a-ho for the birth of the first Ho grandchild. My Mom doesn't want to impose on her friends for too long and wants to stay in a hotel for the weekend that I'll be there. I said I'd stay in one as well and split the cost. My first choice was the Mansion on Delaware, but it's pretty expensive (WTF $300 for a hotel in BUFFALO in FEB?!). Adams Mark only has smoking rooms (again I didn't think they existed anymore). Ideally I'd like to stay downtown-ish so I can booze it up and hang out.

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01/19/09 10:27 - ID#47445

Cats are the Devil's spawn

And this is a break down of why:

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01/15/09 08:25 - 7ºF - ID#47419


Apparently 2009 has the theme of do the exact opposite of what is a good choice (it kinda fits the theme of 2005-2007). Anyway one of those wrong choices is my not so secret obsession with loving to hate vapid, self absorbed, unaware girl blogs. So there's one blog that I kinda heart. It's Jullia Allison's blog. I kinda feel like if I hadn't had any hardship in life I could have very possibly turned into her (note: I'm glad life didn't turn out that way because despite all the qualities I dislike about me, I think I actually have some pretty good qualities too). So really the point of this is. I love this blog entry of hers:

Is it okay that I wear the EXACT SAME OUTFIT on every single first date?
[licks the ground]
I'm going to take that as a "yes."

Incase you didn't want to click over above is the entry. Lilly is her cute puppy.

I do the same exact thing! Once you have a good date outfit why change it? Mine is this black cashmere v-neck button down. It's soft and snuggley. The boys like it :)

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01/14/09 02:05 - 8ºF - ID#47407

A conversation..

I've officially ended things with Mr. Broadway. It's a long story, but I felt the need to send him an email explaining to him exactly why. The original was slightly vengeful. I sent the modified one to Tom so he could give me his thoughts. This is our conversation:

Tom: was that the toned down one?
Jessica: yes
Tom: was more sharp than that?
Jessica: do you not know me?
Tom: was kind of rhetorical
Jessica: the orginal had more of a fuck you tone
Tom: and that one didn't?!!?
Jessica: that was my "taking the higher road" tone
Tom: with a double middle finger salute as you walk down that road
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