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04/29/05 03:21 - ID#22661

Peter Singer

I just read morphconflit's journal and I hope that scumbag slumlord Peter Singer reads this too. People will stop going to the BBB, Call 4 Action and whoever else will listen when he stops ripping off people! I now live in NYC and have rented several different apartments and have yet to run into a sleaze bag slumlord that can compare to Peter Singer - and this is NYC for god's sake. All I can hope to do now (seeing as how I never got my money back from Mr. Sleaze bag after never even living a day in his dump and after winning a judgement against him in court) is tell as many people as I can about his shady underhanded practices. Its hard to catch him though because as all slime bags he changes his company name often. It literally makes my stomach queasy to even think about him.

On another more happy note: TGIF

lilho comes to visit in 2 weeks which is exciting :)
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04/27/05 10:48 - ID#22660

Funniest Thing I have heard in a while

In the office:

Gary: "Hey Bob how's it going?"

Bob: "You know just working for the weekend as the song goes."

I sit here laughing just thinking about it. The things people say in an office setting are classic.
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04/26/05 03:01 - ID#22659

No fucking way

I just saw that Jersey City is happy?! Ok I live there. The place is a dump. Sunday morning there were signs all around my neighborhood about an attempted rape, that was right before I looked down and found a huge sack of pot. Constantly you hear about shootings and the city is beyond corrupt- and this is all in the nice part of town. I could go on and on about why this survey is wrong. A bunch of you have even been there visiting me- I think we can all agree JC is not a happy place...
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