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03/24/05 01:42 - ID#22658

Karl Lagerfeld

I just saw Karl Lagerfeld on my way to get my eyebrows threaded (FYI- it hurts like a mofo to get this done). Why am I so obsessed with celeb sightings? He was so fab.

Missing Image ;(

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03/20/05 11:49 - ID#22656

Boy oh boy

That Paul sure is a smoker. He hasn't stopped since he got here- my apt is actually starting to stink- P U!
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03/15/05 01:02 - ID#22654

Just for the record

Chillaxing is a registered trademark of JKH industries. If you are interested in finding out more about JKH Industries you should consult Kramerica (we do work similar to them).

On another note:

I am glad I am not the only one who intentionally does things to piss other people off.

St. Patricks Day is 2 days away! I love St. Patricks Day. My office is right on the parade route so I may have to slip out for a while to partake in the party!!
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03/11/05 04:53 - ID#22653

This says it all

Sorry lilho- I'll always be the Grand Puba
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