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Category: piece of shit twa

12/20/05 03:39 - 25ºF - ID#22738

Fucking A

Thats the first thing I said this morning. As many of you may know the TWA has decided to strike. A brief overview of this:

Imagine you live near a huge city. In this city the main way to move from place to place is a subway. Now imagine that you do not actually live in this city, but in another state that is seprated from this city by a large deep river. Now imagine the closest you can get to your job is over two miles away and its 10 degrees outside and yes you must walk to get to your job.

Thats my life. A 2 hour motherfucking commute in 10 degrees. Yes I could take a cab to and from work. It would only cost me 30 each way. To me spending my entire Christmas bonus on cabs seems totally reasonable.

There are a few high points to all of this though:

Yesterday I got a ipod nano from this woman i work with. Sweet. My christmas wish came true. Apparently baby jesus was listening (well actually is he was really listening she would have given me a puggle puppy- but im not complaining).

This whole walk to work in my sneakers and skirt makes me feel very working girl ala melanie griffin in the 80's.

I finally replaced my lost cashmere scarf, so my neck was at least warm.

How long will this piece of crap strike continue? About 10-12 days by all estimates. I now have a grudge against the mta. I will hold that close to my heart forever.
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Category: moron

12/05/05 01:46 - 26ºF - ID#22736


If you are bored out of your mind and are looking for some good old fashioned laughing at the expense of someone else please go to:

Read his hate list.

This guy was on Real World Chicago. Need I say more?
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Category: puggle

12/04/05 04:41 - 29ºF - ID#22735

I dont care what anyone says

Im still getting one
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Category: thinking

12/03/05 04:11 - 28ºF - ID#22734


Would it mean that I'm a failure if I gave up on New York? What is the cost benefit of living here versus living near those that really mean the most to me? Maybe I don't have to constantly prove that I can succeed beyond everyone else. Maybe being me is just simply enough. For the first time ever I think I have realized that this all stems from having a father that abandoned me. No matter what I did or how hard I tried he still left.

Thank god I'm going to go hang out with the Irish hottie, otherwise I might sit here and continue to drink this bottle of Champagne...
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Category: photos

12/02/05 12:14 - 31ºF - ID#22733

Very Quickly

Very quickly Id like to post some pics. They are of the crazy night in Brooklyn and the first taste of Soul Sausages.







The guy in the picture we don't know, it was my sisters off the street boyfriend. I'll leave it to her to post a full run down of that night.

Some sample highlights are:

"Small Cups of liquor"- how sarah described what me and matt were drinking.

Soul Sausage

Playing with the ipod nano

Bocce Ball- yes at this bar we went to

"I'm so drunk"- what I said about every 10 minutes- annoying I know

My sisters sidewalk boyfriend who turned into our new friend

The "log cabin" bar

Once at the log cabin bar things get really hazy- however we did get an amazing $5 cab ride from Brooklyn to the PATH train which is unheard of. I think they guy took pity on me and my sister at 5am. And the next day I woke up at 4pm- yeah I wanted to die.

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Category: puggle

12/01/05 04:08 - 34ºF - ID#22732


I just googled "Puggle+Buffalo" and my journal is the third hit. Scary. I am so in love with these dogs.
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