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06/29/05 12:31 - 76ºF - ID#22687


Yes it does appear that at times my life is more fab than yours. However you seem to forget how I lived at Stony Brook for 4 1/2 years. Those 4 1/2 years were very unfab. For example:

Living in a dorm room with 3 girls. I slept on the futon. The came to fix our window in the middle of winter and accidentally screwed it open (meaning we could not close it and I slept right beneath it) in Nov. and never fixed it.

Making the choice between quarter drafts and doing laundry. Laundry never won that.

Having no money on my meal card so I'd either: buy 12 ramen noodle packs for a dollar and eat only those, or steal saltines and jelly from the cafeteria to make mini saltine sandwiches. This was interspersed by attending any event no matter how retarded it was to get the free pizza they served (I am not jewish and I was at a few of those events, also the lgba events, and various frat parties)

Not being able to afford groceries even when I had a job, so I'd go home and go grocery shopping in mom's fridge.

Living in New York/Stony Brook for the summer and being so broke that me and my friends would scope out places that kept the toilet paper and new bottles of hand soap under the sinks in the bathrooms and then stealing it.

Drinking 40s (well ok I still do that but at the time it was not by choice)

So as you can see I have had to pay my dues just like everyone else. Some day you'll have a c-list celeb studded life too...
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06/28/05 11:13 - 79ºF - ID#22686

Very Quickly

I have to make this short and sweet because it is way past my bed time and my work out has taken the best out of me. However I had a c list celeb sighting- I saw the personal trainer they made over on queer eye. He was really dark tan and had more highlights than me. I guess thats what happens when you let gay new yorkers make you over (no offense pmt). Im counting it as a legit sighting and I am still on track for my 1.5 sightings a week.

Do I have a problem?

PS my foodie obsession lover (Jeffrey Chodrow works in my building I found out today, sigh we breathe (sp?) the same air every day).
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06/28/05 05:58 - 93ºF - ID#22685


I joined NetFlix due to my lack of cable. It's not really that I can't have cable it is just insanely expensive. With my last roommate we had a $200 a month cable bill. I just can not see how that is necessary in any way shape or form. So for $15 a month I can rent as many movies as I'd like. I think T-Dog used to belong to this?! I'll let everyone know if it's really worth it...

PS Today is my first day of training. Ugh. I so don't want to work out, but I guess my extra 50 pounds just is not going to go away by itself. I hope this is all worth it...
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06/27/05 12:34 - ID#22684


Ok I love Dave Matthews and they are playing in August at Red Rocks in Colorado. I really really want to go. Anyone interested in joining me? I don't know anyone who likes DMB enough to shell out the cash to go there to see them, but this is going to be an amazing show. Ugh- any takers? Seriously if you know anyone who would be interested this is going to be a show of a lifetime...
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06/26/05 08:07 - ID#22683

Holy Crap

LL Cool Jay as in Ladies love cool james is in a new tv show on Fox. I knew i loved that trashy station for a reason. I have loved ll since i was first allowed to listen to music.I grew up in a "christian" household w no rap allowed. Sigh, I love ll he is so hot. Im watching this show come hell or high water.

On a different note- I hate laundry. I just want a wife to do all the household chores for me.
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06/25/05 05:56 - ID#22682

Friday evening

Friday night just as I am packing up to go home and enjoy a manless evening I get a call from one of my co-workers Rajal. She actually used to work with me at Deloitte and I really like her. She wants to know if I am up for a drink. Did I hear alcohol? By now you should know working in finance makes you turn to the bottle. So yeah I want a drink. Then she says east village- place of my sighting of MK Olsen and my rocker one nighter. Of course I want to go there. She we get off at 8th and NYU one of my fave spots. We walk around for a bit trying to decide where to go. The she mentions she knows the owner of this one pub. I am in free drinks- I am all about that. So we go and she calls her personal trainer who also knows the owner of the bar and asks him if he wants to join us. So in walks this amazing specimen of manliness. Drool. He sits down right next to me. At first im thinking this guy is so hot and built he has to be a jackass. But oh no- he is amazing AND flirting with me?! I could not believe my amazing luck. He went to Stony Brook just like moi and we had a ton in common. Have I mentioned he was hot? In any case he has inspired me to work out and now I will be working out w him. I must have been a saint in another life because I have managed to date some really freaking hot men (ok so it never works out, but still). Sadly rajal wanted to go have dinner so we had to leave. We went to this Tibetan place which was so yummy and good for the soul. What a fantastic unexpected evening. Now its 90 degrees in NYC and I am staying indoors.
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06/19/05 08:34 - ID#22679

By request...

Update on my par-ta (update requested by Paul):

Went into crooklyn, my new jeans are comfy and the perfect fit.Got to the party fashionably late (is there any other way to arrive?). There was tons of food, wine and my fave champagne! So in any case got there and Mimi forgot to tell me they had cats. I was kinda pissed because I hate cats (Sorry Mr. Mang). I am so fucking allergic to those fur balls and was not looking forward to another cat filled evening. I decided to just go with the flow and see if I started sneezing. I ended up being ok- well ok for 3 hours. So the usual hipsters were there. Im not a huge fan of the hipster crowd, but these ones ended up actually being coolio. I met this girl Jackie and she was a lot of fun. We had a ton of great conversations about:

1. Vermin in NYC- What nasty infestations we have had (scabies, bed bugs, carpet beattles, mice, roaches) and how you feel so gross that you have these things yet everyone has them. Then everyone went around the room and told what infestations they have had recently.

2. Central Park and the safety of it.

3. Neigborhood snobs. People have this thing about where you live and depending on your location it either adds value or detracts value to you as a person. Since Im in jersey I am not even on the radar. I actually found out guy #3 in my previous post couldn't handle dating a jersey girl.

4. How Seinfeld makes 100% more sense once you live here. It really is the best show ever and so like everyday life here in a way you just don't understand unless you are here.

5. The crazy people on the train that you see everyday and have you ever followed them to prove they aren't crazy.

6. Times you have been harassed by teenagers on the train (amount of time the harassment lasted, how embarassed you were, location/train it occured on).

7. Lastly and most importantly- Ability to spot celebs.

Topic not discussed but maybe should have been- Should I call the rocker from Friday night? Hmmm....
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06/18/05 12:17 - ID#22677


After my rantings yesterday I went out to drink my worries away. Yeah well I started drinking vodka on the rocks at 6pm and keep on going until around midnight when I switched it up and started on the PBR. thats when things went south. Liliho why didn't I read your journal before I went out?! Yeah I went home w another shady guy. He was all punk rock east village style. Who knows what that was all about. I did the walk of shame and got home at 8 am.I justgotup and now I have to gear up for crazy night #2. This time its a party in brooklyn. Im crossing my fingers and hoping I can remian slightly more in control this evening. The positive thing about this all is I have guy #3 (from m yprevious journal) 100% out of my system. For those of you interested in the exact details of my trist I'll give them later- I need some water and I need another shower- the east village is grimy ew....
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06/18/05 02:20 - ID#22675


Today I go and drink my irritation at men away. I just spoke with my g/f about this topic and she said Im not alone. Apparently the ny dating scene is awful for all women and thats why there are so many bitter women out there. You know I kept thinking I am going to get a dog or a b/f. I really thought ok I am going to try for the b/f. Now I know I am so getting a little dog. One that fits in a little purse that I can take everywhere with me as a stand in for a date. At least I can guarantee that the doggie will snuggle.
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06/09/05 10:07 - ID#22673

Fucking A

I just locked myself out and to top it off I left my vibrator in plain sight so when my landlord actually does come to let me in there it is for everyone to see.Fucking A.
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