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10/30/08 07:52 - 46ºF - ID#46433

Live blog-o-rama

I've arrived at the brand spanking new JetBlue terminal 5. I'm just going to get right to it: It's effing sweet. Maybe I'm just impressed with shiny and new- but I think it's new design improved upon the old terminal by leaps and bounds (yes, this entry is going to be loaded with cliches). Everything is centrally located and easy to locate. And there's a Lacoste store- so yeah that pretty much sold me. Oh, and did I mention the spa where you can get a manicure?! I mean there was a spa in the old terminal, but this one is nicer.

I feel like I should also mention that the new terminal makes people take their shoes off. I'm not a fan of this. The person sitting beside me (who thinks I'm insane judging by the look he gave me as I was taking pictures of my manicure) has his shoes off and the couple across the aisle from me also has their shoes off (and they are barefoot-ew).

Ok, I'm going to go have a drink because as me and my friends have all admitted drinking in airport bars is fun (thank god they fessed up because I thought I was the only one who found joy in this activity).

Below I grace you with a picture of my pretty red nails:

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10/30/08 10:13 - 34ºF - ID#46422


Reading Paul's blog brought back so many memories.

Oh I guess this is the biggest news of all. I proposed to Jessica. i really lve her for sure. Everyday without her seems so empty compared to when she's with me. I am glad that I came here to find that out because now I really know. I hope she accepts. I wrote it in a letter from Italy and were still not home home yet to find out.

I still remember that letter. I opened it in my dorm room and cried. I think I give him a lot of crap about being a shitty boyfriend, but in retrospect we were so young. I think he really did love me as much as he was able to. He's really the only guy who has ever written me bonified love letters. One time he made a notebook with 100 reasons why he loved me. He's also the first guy who ever truly broke my heart.

I'm not really sure what the point of this is. I guess it's amazing that through everything Paul and I are still friends. And I still love him dearly.

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10/29/08 05:47 - 37ºF - ID#46409


So a few years back I was a sexy secretary. I can't find the pictures, maybe I'll see if they are still on my camera and I'll update this. Anyways that goes against my whole anti slutty halloween.

This year I'm thinking 80's secretary? Huge glasses, taupe pantyhose (or thigh highs because when else do you get to wear them?), pumps and a tacky dress? Either that or Joan from Mad Men. Really that's my goal for everyday though, to be Joan.

Is it played out to recycle a costume? Should I just be a bedazzled ghost? Or should I just be drunk and bitter as planned?

Help me people what should I do?

Keep in mind I leave tomorrow. Have to pack tonight and have NOTHING ready. Yeah, I'm so on top of things.

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10/29/08 09:01 - 34ºF - ID#46404


To clear up a few things:

Jason/Josh: Ok that TMI weekly is a result of this girl Julia Allison getting some sort of deal with the Next New Networks. Long story short her and her friends are like a trainwreck. Painful, but you can't stop looking.

Which leads into Facebook:

I deleted my account because I was too into stalking randoms along with the fact that my entire family wanted to friend me. I'm sorry but I dislike a great deal of my extended family and I'm not interested in having them know all the dirty details of my life. I mean they could find my blog, but I doubt they would. It was becoming distracting and the cherry on top was I couldn't stand looking at the pictures of me and the dude- it was just making me too sad seeing how happy I was. And also I like blogs better. In a blog I'm the boss, it's not interconnected with anyone or anything else.

Which leads into Paul's pep talk last night:

The gist was:

Paul: Jess come to Buffalo, you need a change of scene. Also we need to think of costumes.

Me: I already told you I'm going to be drunk and bitter.

Paul: I know that's what YOU are, but what's your costume going to be?

Me: I'm not wearing one.

Paul: OMG you're going to be a bedazzled ghost. We'll put sparkles and bows on it.

Me: (In my head thinking how the hell does Paul know exactly how to make me smile) Sigh, fine.

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10/28/08 05:28 - 40ºF - ID#46390


This is exactly why I deleted my profile:

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10/28/08 02:32 - 39ºF - ID#46387

Do I stay or do I go?

I have a ticket to Buffalo leaving this Thursday. I really do not feel like going. It's cold and snowy there. I also do not feel up to a house party. If I do decide to go I really should get my shit together tonight (laundry, lug out the suitcase, find my travel size facewash).

Ugh, what to do?
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10/27/08 02:17 - 43ºF - ID#46367

Just say no

Remember Nancy Reagan with her "Just say no to drugs" campaign? Well it didn't work very well. Lots of people I know who grew up in that era totally smoked pot or whatever. She should have gone with this method instead:

Yeah, I can say with 100% certainty I will never be doing meth.
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10/24/08 12:20 - 51ºF - ID#46300

My worst fear

(besides being spinster-ish which I think may have already occured) is anything spider related. This picture of a spider eating a bird freaks me the fuck out:


  • Also related. A spider fell on my head last night when I walked in my door. OMG I almost had a heartattack. For reals.

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10/22/08 05:39 - ID#46252

It's that time of year again

Our company annual Golf Outing. I organize it. I find it amusing that I'm the one who does this considering I have zero idea about golf. I mean I used to play in Buffalo, but that was a lifetime ago. Anyway every year we have it at a different club. 2 years ago was the best when I was quarantined to a small room, because I was not a member, while everyone else played for 4.5 hours. This year the club is a tad more leinant (or so they say) and apparently I'll be allowed to roam about. I was looking over the club rules to determine what I need to wear (2 changes of clothes- one outfit for registration and one for dinner- just call me fashion golf barbie). As I was looking at the Club rules I came across this which I found hillarious and utterly pretentious:

20. Honoring of the club rules will enable the entire membership to enjoy life at woodcrest at its' highest social level.

I copied that exactly. They are all about the "highest social level" yet they don't capitalize the name of their own club?

Anyway, expect lots of blogging tomorrow if they do indeed have wifi as I'll be bored out of my mind.
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10/21/08 04:07 - 40ºF - ID#46236

Guitar Hero

A new Guitar Hero is about to be released. I was reading about it on cnn and saw this quote:

Why did you add a beginner level?

KH: Our whole objective with "Guitar Hero" is to make it as broadly accessible as possible. By adding this beginner mode, we can get even young kids, who are 5, 6, 7 and who maybe can't coordinate pressing a button on the guitar and strumming at the same time. . .to make it really easy for them. All they have to do is strum

Me: Uh beginner level is for 6 yr olds? That's the only level I can sorta play on. Really I'm not even good at that level. Embarassing.
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