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07/14/05 03:22 - 90ºF - ID#22695

The Ballet

This woman I PA for just gave me tickets to the Ballet tonight at the Met Opera House. I can not believe that I get to go. I love ballet and now I get to go to one of the best ballets in the world in an amazing venue. The only thing that would make this better is going with a handsome man instead of a girlfriend. Either way its still super galm and I am all about the glam. I wish I had shoes with sparkles or something on them to wear tonight...

I had no idea when I woke up this morning that today would be so fantastic. Also I got another offer for a PA job on the side. Thats so sweet. Maybe I should save more money with these jobs instead of buying shoes...
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07/13/05 03:06 - 92ºF - ID#22694

The mean streets of Jersey City

As the Statue of Liberty shimmers in the distance like a ghostly sentinel in "On the Outs," its image of promise seems to belong to a country apart from the mean streets of Jersey City...

Thats the review of this movie/docudrama "on the outs" based in JC. I had no idea I lived in a blighted area. I think thats a little dramatic. How can a blighted area be full of brownstones, have a few very cool fine dinning resturants, hipsters crawling all over and have me living there? I don't buy that at all.

On another note, next week is vacation week! Woo hoo. I go to Detroit for business. I'll be staying in a delux W hotel- they have the "heavenly bed" which is heavenly. I bet the room is bigger than my entire apt. Then off to see momma ho and lilho. I can not wait :)
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07/12/05 04:33 - 92ºF - ID#22693

Lessons I learned while shopping

Yesterday I decided to take a hiatus from my shopping ban and go shopping. Apparently July is sale-o-ramma here and I couldn't resist. I restricted myself to buying things I actually need, like shoes and bags.

First for the shoes- $16.99 super duper wedges. The "it" shoe of the season. I decided to be adventerous and buy the melon colored ones.

Lesson learned: Sometimes going for the unexpected (color) pays off. These shoes are a hit.

Seondly the bags- now I don't really need a purse. Well I do (just ask lilho) but I am not a big purse person so I headed for the duffle bags. I need a gym bag. The Diane Von Furstenberg just is not cutting it for the gym. So I head over to the gym bag section. I look and don't see anything overly great. I saw a green old school adidas, but it just didn't work for me. So I head off to my secret corner. There is this one part of the sale section that is hidden where the tourists can't find it. Then I head for the bottom shelf. Many a great thing I have found on this very shelf. I begin to dig. All of the sudden I hear something. I look over and there is a huge roach. When I say huge I don't mean "I live in Buffalo and this is a big bug" I mean huge as in "I used to live with roaches and am not afraid of them" huge. This mofo was looking me right in the face, then crawled back up and into one of the bags on my fave shelf.

Lesson learned: Sometimes bargin hunting just is not worth it.

In any case I went back over to the normal section, left my secret place behind forever, and bought a no name duffel for $10. I'm probably better off this way. I mean I am tying to not be a label whore anymore right?!@

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07/08/05 04:03 - 71ºF - ID#22692


Holy Crap- Me and Mimi's night of insanity has landed us on Craigslist! Sweet!!!

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07/07/05 04:35 - 79ºF - ID#22691


So today a tall dark handsome man from my past called me and made my day. I just couldn't keep my excitement about that in and I had to share and I can't really tell anyone here about it because we have worked together previously. My new favorite age for a man is 37. I am now content for the next 24 hours at least.
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07/06/05 03:17 - 67ºF - ID#22689


So last night I was watching TV in order to chill out before bed. Because network TV can be crap I turned to PBS. And i stumbled upon the most interesting documentary. It was about Newark.

A little background:
New Jersey has huge problems so politics are very big in NJ. Northern NJ being so close to NYC has even bigger problems. This is due to many factors: huge value of the land-major water ways. ports to supply NYC, terror threats being close to NYC- but no money to fund prevention (the 93 terrorists were from NJ) and HUGE political corruption, pollution, kick backs, the list goes on and on. Frequently people can not believe things like this are allowed to go on and comment how this would never happen in New York.

So the documentary was about the most recent mayoral election in Newark. There were two candidates- the incumbent and an ivy league young guy. Both were black. So basically the whole point of the film was to show the insane amount of corruption by the current mayor and how the people of Newark are just shooting themselves in the foot by keeping this man who has been in office for 30 some years in office. Yet they continue to just because he is viewed as more black than other people.

So with out going into this huge replay of the story i'll just go into how corrupt this man is. He had the challengers office broken into several times, bugged his office, used police intimidation for any local business displaying a campaign sign for his challenger, then made the businesses give a donation to his campaign, went around town and in plain sight defied a federal order and took down 250 billboards in one day, at any political gathering would plainly disrupt the event, attempted tampering with voting machines, using the police to detain members of his challengers campaign by saying they were terrorists (clearly these men were just journalists), using his body guards to physically break any journalists equipment who wrote unflattering things about the mayor, busing in people from Philly as paid volunteers and saying they were from Newark and unpaid. And the list goes on and on.

I was in shock. These things are actually on film, no here say or rumors. Actually on tape. People always said this happened but I never believed it really could happen and yet HE was still elected for another term. This man who was destroying their city in front of their very eyes. The city is a crap hole, people call it the war zone. The mayor just keeps the cycle of poverty going and they elected him again. Apparently this is what they call they Marion Barry syndrome (the DC mayor who got caught smoking crack and was still re-elected.
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07/05/05 05:33 - 77ºF - ID#22688

Apple Sucks

I will never buy another over rated apple anything again. I totally got sucked into the posh I'm a new yorker I must consume apple products. Apparently my computer is a big fire hazzard and I had no ide. I used to leave it on all the time. They are sending me the parts to fix it. Also I have a mere 3000 songs on my laptop and my f'in hard drive is full. Now I have to drop $150 to buy more memory otherwise my ipod wont work its this whole issue. PLus I have to pay some one to install it. This issue plagued my afternoon yesterday. F apple!
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