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Category: vacation

04/28/08 11:39 - 41ºF - ID#44168

Request for help!

Last week I decided I wanted to take a vacation. I did some research and figured out with my time requirements and budget Washington DC was the place for me. I've also always had a strong interest in politics and our nation and its development. So I'm totally excited to go. I've booked a sweet room at a seemingly nice hotel right downtown. I figured from there I'd be set. Wrong.

Everything is free to visit (sweet) but also complicated and involves months long planning. You have to request a white house visit 3 months in advance through a congressman, same with the pentagon and Congress. Ok so cross those off my list. Next I figure I'll just visit the monuments. Also free, also require tickets months in advance. The next time I can get tickets for the Washington Monument is June 20th. Ok now I'm stuck. I'm fo so going. I have my train ticket and hotel is paid for. There's no turning back. Has anyone else ever taken a DC vacation? Any helpful suggestions? I'm a bit nervous now about what to do where to go. I mean touring the various neighborhoods could be fun but really I want to see the same junk as everyone else and play tourist. Helppppp!
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Category: workout

04/26/08 10:26 - 76ºF - ID#44151

post work out

So I made it through the work out. I made the mistake of saying the work out wasnt that bad. that was not smart because the work out then started involving these incline crunches and this sort of hanging thing where you bring your legs up to your chest. im actually suprised my body can do that. Anyways below is the post work out moi:

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Category: sex

04/21/08 09:49 - 61ºF - ID#44076


No not mine, but someone elses who clearly has a few very specific ones:

  • note: you want to click on that link. It invloves latex, puppets and 1970's masks.
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04/18/08 10:55 - 66ºF - ID#44044

Why is Mario Lopez haunting me

I opened my NY Magazine on the way to work today and saw a full page ad for Mario Lopez and some other dance thing he is doing. Then I checked my favorite blog and was hit in the face with:


Mario why are you stalking me via the media?

  • Also Paul get well soon.
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Category: comcast

04/15/08 05:14 - 46ºF - ID#44018

Things that make me want to punch people

I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with COMCAST CABLE to get internet. The woman I orginally was working with *seemed great. Got me a great deal, friendly and *seemed like she knew what she was doing.

I was put on hold for 20 minutes so she could schedule an appointment (the package I wanted didn't come with self-install). Next thing I know James thanks me for calling Comcast and wants to know how he can help. WTF?! I just spent 45 minutes going over shit with another operator. Apparently she never finished my job order and I was dumped back in the que. James also informed me the package she was offering me was down-grading my cable which is not an option. Huh? For the rest of my life I have to have digital cable? According to James yes I need to keep those useless 100 extra channels in order for Comcast to also charge me $60 for basic internet. I'd rather spend that $60 a month at my local coffee shop and get free wifi. Fuck you COMCAST.
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Category: black mac book

04/09/08 08:50 - 42ºF - ID#43966

I'm obsessed

with taking my own picture. I used to think it was so narcissistic, now i realize i was just jealous.

ps- no dirty comments i know what that picture looks like. also i just ordered a fruit bowl and the server gave me a spoon to eat it with. i hate spoons. just because it comes in a bowl doesn't mean it has to be eaten with a spoon. fuck spoons.

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Category: humor

04/08/08 03:33 - 64ºF - ID#43953

Holy Crap

In response to "stuff white people like" I give you:

Below is a small excerpt:

Seriously, have you ever been to a reeally broke ass country? Do you see people jogging? Probably not, but let's say on the off-chance that you do. Do you think they paid money to have the right to run? If you see someone running in a third-world better run with them, because that means some shit is going down. That's probably why Kenyans are so good at marathons - they only have one speed when they're running: Stay Alive. Let's put it this way, there is no fucking Nicaraguan Marathon every year. And if there is, it's because some douche from Seattle or somewhere started one for him and all his friends to go to.

Also: Facebook is still blowing my mind. Where do I even begin? How come no one forced me to join back in 1999?
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Category: social networks

04/07/08 05:41 - 64ºF - ID#43938


I just joined facebook and it's blowing my mind!

  • disclaimer just because I have caved to facebook does not mean in any way shape or form that i will cave to myspace.

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Category: life

04/06/08 05:14 - 62ºF - ID#43925


A few weeks back I got a shiny new black mac book. I was sure this was somehow going to change my life. Yeah that didn't happen. I've discovered that everyone locks their wi-fi networks, meaning I never use my laptop. Today I got the sudden urge to break my baby out and actually blog. Due to the lack of wi-fi I was forced to go the the local bar. So here I sit:

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