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Category: buffalo

03/16/06 10:40 - 33ºF - ID#22755

I need some love

I can't wait for my trip to the Buff, I need some love Buffalo style. Most importantly I can't wait to eat at left bank on Friday! And drink beer. Steak and Beer, mmmm.
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Category: gay

03/09/06 11:24 - 53ºF - ID#22752

Proving my theory..

I have a theory that if you are a gay man you pretty much have access to any women's boobage. It seems to hold true across the board. And here is more proof to back up my scientific research:

Missing Image ;(

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Category: fuzzy cuteness

03/09/06 06:28 - 46ºF - ID#22751

Warning: Cute Overload

If you are in the mood to see pictures of ultra cute fuzzies then you must to to this site asap:

I'm obsessed with the bunnies and the squirrel.

Speaking of bunnies I have a bunch of scientist friends who are insanely smart. Like PhD from Cambridge smart. Its rare that I actually know something they don't. So last Friday we were hanging out drinking whiskey and smoking the chebo and of course we were talking about living space and neighborhoods (it's a constant topic- you always want to know if someone has the inside scoop on a sweet new apt/hood). Anyways my friend Danelle started talking about how her friends have 5 bunnies in this small studio apt. And everyone loves bunnies and starts being all "oh I want a bunny". Then Danelle moved on to cats. Now it's all cats and bunnies. Then Danelle is like wait you can't have cats and bunnies because bunnies would eat cats. Hmmm. For a second no one said anything. And as messed up as I was I was pretty sure that a bunny would never eat a cat. But hey these are the science crew, maybe they know something I don't. The all the sudden everyone blurted out at the same time- wait i don't think that can happen. She stuck by her theory. We all question if she has actually ever seen a bunny.

PS- I took a sleeping pill last night, when I woke up this morning I was really groggy. And I noticed my hair is super gross today. I then started thinking about what shampoo I used. I have a large variety. Then I remembered. I didn't use any shampoo, only conditioner. I washed my hair with conditioner today. Can you say bad hair day?
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Category: rock and roll baby

03/03/06 10:08 - 17ºF - ID#22748


I just scored a pair of tickets to the Allman Brother's show on the last night of their NYC gig. I'm ready to pee my pants I'm so freaking excited!!
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