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Category: food

08/30/07 03:06 - 68ºF - ID#40834

I'm a cheese whore, literally

So 2 weeks ago when I was in FL I mentioned my inappropriate flirting with married co-workers. Well one of these men is currently working in France. And pretty much I was fawning all over him and he was eating it up. So as part of our conversation I was like "Cry me a river you're in France you can eat cheese everyday." and he was all "I f'ing hate France" and I was like "Go ahead and look down my shirt while I touch your chest".

Ok back to the point of the story (other than I'm a horrible person) so I'm sitting at my desk alternately thinking of Chris Noth, how much I want to punch Thomas, and how I can't wait to go home and sleep because I'm so hung over. Then like a ray of sunshine a box appears at my desk. And the box smells. I'm thinking WTF and is this for moi? So I open the box and inside is a variety of cheese from France with a little note card from Mr. Married Co-Worker. Sigh, he's so dreamy..

Side note: Ironically this is not the first time I have received a cheese sampler pack from a man. Is this weird?

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Category: boy bands

08/30/07 01:03 - 69ºF - ID#40833


Holy shit this is what Donny Whalberg turned into:


  • picture stolen straight from Perez Hilton
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Category: dedication

08/30/07 11:11 - 68ºF - ID#40830

I dedicate this to Mike Visco

I'm dedicating this post to Michael Visco who is awesome in so many ways. He, like Jem, is truly outrageous. But also he is smart, hot, has good style and is a really good person to boot. In any case I know he loves a good scandal and although my post is not super scandalous I'd like to dedicate it to Mike.

So last night I had to go to the dentist because another one of my teeth cracked and fell off. I grind my teeth and now they are falling apart. So I was drugged up from getting it fixed and had settled in for the night. Then I was convinced by coworkers to come out and drink. Apparently our FAS (Forensic Advisory Services) Group was out at some bar, and I can't ever say no to free alcohol (just like Lindsey). So I meet up with everyone at Whiskey Traders located on 55th bet 5th and 6th. It was kinda a generic over priced bar, but whateves it was an open tab and they had free buttery popcorn. It was then that this small town girls big city dreams all were realized in a single magical moment. Chris Noth (aka Mr. Big and also Det. Mike Logan on Law & Order) was 5 people away from me at the bar. It was as if the heavens opened and angels were singing. He was perfect. I then texted everyone I could (because thats what you do when dreams become reality). Apparently I texted Thomas. He was with some girl and who said the correct spelling of his name was "Noath" and I was like please you are wrong. The we got into a fight and I was like you know what I live in NYC, I have an awesome life (for the most part) I'm done with you. So then I told him to fuck off. He then called and texted me the whole night trying to see if I was really serious, which I am.

Ok so now on to part two of the night. After Mr. Big and my boss stuffing her bra with the free popcorn (hey you never know when you're going to want a snack) I decided that it would be best if we had a dance party. We all hop in a cab and head over to Beauty Bar. We get there and theres an amazing guy to girl ratio. And we were the only girls dancing. So then we make friends with everyone and dance our asses off to songs like: Pour some sugar on me (my all time fave), holiday, robot rock and various other fun songs. Then it came time to go home. I know that if I'm out at 1am on a work night it's going to be bad news the next day. So I leave Beauty Bar and decide that I'm going to call the dude I recently semi-dumped before vacation to have a sleep over. He lives right around the corner and I was in no mood to get on a train (and by mood I mean condition). So we have a sleep over.

Part Three begins with me walking into work and my coworker falling off her chair laughing at me. She says "Oh my god where did you sleep last night on a park bench?" I guess this was because:
1. I was in the same outfit
2. My shirt somewhere along the line got a small tear in it
3. My hair, well let's just say its not looking its normal fab self
4. When I asked the dude to hang up my pants (I couldn't even do that for myself) he apparently heard "Please ball up my pants and kinda stuff them on a wire hanger". So my pants are a mess. Oh and they also have a white mystery stain on them.

Thank god we have extra shirts in the office. So at least I don't look like the office whore. I mean I kinda do, just not as much.

In conclusion it was a great night and I wish Mike Visco could have been there to make it more outrageous.
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Category: the home front

08/29/07 04:47 - 88ºF - ID#40808

The Jerz

I guess I constantly feel the need to #1 defend Jerz and #2 defend the amount of money I pay in rent and #3 defend its close proximity to the city. I feel like the NYT takes care of this argument for me quite nicely.

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Category: update

08/29/07 12:20 - 82ºF - ID#40804

"I'm going back to New York City-

I think I've had enough.." To steal a line from Dylan.

That's basically how I've felt for the past few weeks.

I had to go to FL for a business meeting then was in AZ for about a week. I always miss the city.

In any case below is a list of updates:

1. Had to go to our firm's "All Enterprise Meeting". I laugh every time I hear that. It seems so serious. Basically they fly us down to Florida in August so we can eat steak, drink our faces off and flirt inappropriately with co-workers. All of which I did. Oh I also managed some hotel make outs. I mean really can I be expected to behave myself around so many dudes all business like? You know its my Achilles heel.

2. It took me 9 hours to get home from Florida. Karma was punishing me for flirting with multiple married men.

3. Semi-dumped the dude before I left for Arizona. Being 3 hours late is not acceptable.

4. Flew first class to and from Arizona courtesy of my boss. It's not that much better than coach. You get a bigger seat and free booze, but that's about it.

5. Ate at Senior Tacos almost every day. It's delicious and next to a gas station. I feel like the dirtier the Mexican making my food the more delicious it will be. So far my theory has been correct.

6. On the flight home I refused to trade seats with some douche in a bulkhead window seat. He was all huffy and kept referring to me as "her over there who won't trade so I can sit near my wife". I just smiled at him every time he pointed at me, it pissed him off even more.

Hmm, I think that's about it. I took like 3 pictures in Arizona, so when I stop being lazy I'll post them...
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Category: heartbreak

08/07/07 12:06 - 79ºF - ID#40423

Hello Kitty- A symbol of shame

Warning: This story will break your heart 15% if you adore Hello Kitty.

According to the NYT Thai police officers who show up late for work, park in the wrong place or even drop a bit of litter are "punished" by being forced to wear a pink armband of shame with a Hello Kitty face and two linked hearts.

There are so many things wrong with this:

  1. 1 Hello Kitty should NEVER be associated with something shameful. All she wants to do is wear a cute dress and eat cupcakes with her friends. Why are the Thai police using her to invoke feelings of guilt and shame?

  1. 2 Is it really shameful to wear something as adorable as a pink armband with supercute Hello Kitty on it?

  1. 3 What does this say to the wee children of Asia where Sanrio characters are hugely popular? We know you like Hello Kitty but really she is something you should be embarassed of.

I say police officers of Thailand unite and wear the armbands as a symbol of pride of Hello Kitty. But that's just me.

(Ok so yeah I know this makes me 5% nuts that I care so much about this)
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Category: fun

08/06/07 10:46 - 75ºF - ID#40404

Summer Lovin, had me a blast

The latest blog title is an homage to the new Danny and Sandy starring in the Broadway revival of Grease. They were discovered on a reality TV show and voted to star in the musical revival by America. This says to me that it will be a monster hit because everyone from the Midwest who comes to NYC will go see it because they watched the TV show. Inside Im crying a little at the stain this will leave on the original version of Grease.

Also it seemed like a good title because it's summer and everyone seems to be in love.

Ok so now on to the good stuff. Pictures:

I'm in love with Joyce's dress.

The Raschals. Mark adores Cate and I j'adore their blog

My new hair cut. My hair loves me for getting it cut (and colored).

Girl love. Enough said.

Carolyn is in love with both a boy and summer nights. They boy couldn't be with us, but this is how she looks when she thinks of him. Aww.

The Beer Garden. Sausage and Beer. If you don't love that combo clearly you are a pinko commie.

Scientistist love artists.

Friend love.

blurry, but you can get the general idea. Someone loves to give me kisses on the cheek.

Loving Central Park on weekend afternoons.

And finally a picture of Jon.
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08/06/07 10:10 - 75ºF - ID#40403

Nerdcore Hip-hop

Although I can by no means take credit for this discovery (some other e-stripper mentioned MC Frontalot ages ago) I did jump on this bandwagon long long ago. Therefore I'd like to call myself an innovator.

Actually I'm just glad that this rad music is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
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08/02/07 04:20 - 92ºF - ID#40357

Me and Joyce

Joyce is my waxer at J Sisters

I got a wax today in anticipation of going to the beach. Afterwards I always feel like I've either hooked up or have been molested. I can't quite figure out which one. Joyce probably knows my va-jay-jay (thanks for the term Oprah) better than any dude. She really gets in there looks at things. I can't imagine doing that for a living. Getting all up in strangers junk all day.

And now for part two of this post (and not nearly as graphic):
As I mentioned before I'm going to the beach, and I'm going with a boy!! He's probably the nicest dude I've ever met. I keep waiting for the downfall of him being nice, but so far it hasn't happened. So for now I'm just going to enjoy actually hanging out with a non jerk dude. It's pretty awesome.
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Category: cell phones

08/01/07 09:39 - 70ºF - ID#40337

Voicemail and Viscos

Last night I decided to call Paulie to have a little chat and tell him about whats been going on and give him the boy update etc. So I call and get his voicemail. I think I peed my pants a little after listening to it. It's this message like "Hi Im not going to listen to your message, call my parents house if you want something and FYI I won't be back for 6 days." Just the way he said it was so typical Paul. Then I decided to call Mikey to see if Paul was camping or whatever, and really do you ever need an excuse to talk to a Visco? So I call Mike and it was at that point where I lost it. His voicemail was all "Hi this is Mike I can't take your call because I'm either busy or doing something where its inappropriate to answer my phone". I was like what are you doing that's is so inappropriate Michael Visco?

Moral of the story:
For a good laugh call a Visco when you know they wont pick up and listen to their voicemail.
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