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Category: reminiscing

06/15/16 09:07 - ID#60537

Tiptoing through the dusty room

It's. So. Quiet. Here.

Middle age and Mark Zuckerberg has taken everyone, I guess.

Despite all my mistakes I made in Buffalo I am glad to have participated in this online community.

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Category: moving

10/06/10 06:06 - 50.ºF - ID#52906

Job Moving Traitor

So I have to move for a job. Do I lose all my Buffalo cool points for moving out of Buffalo, or do I get some honorable mention for moving to Youngstown Ohio and staying in the rust belt?

I should probably write more about this later.
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Category: status

06/03/10 03:52 - 63ºF - ID#51786

Move to SB

I suppose I should post here since I've been absent since, err. march.

I had to ditch North Buffalo, as much as I loved it, because the house I was living in was sold and I got a new Landlord who:

- Sang/played Rock Band loundly (and badly) till 3AM every night.
- Had friends who'd try to plant cigarette bushes in my son's sandbox from their balcony
- Decided that he wouldn't renew our lease. Probably so his cigarette-planting friends could move in.

Not that we weren't already considering moving. I was faced with the reality that as much as I liked living in Buffalo, I had to move closer to my job in the Southtowns because almost two hours of my life every day was robbed from me during my commute.

In a compromise between having to live in Orchard Park ($$$ and boring and closer) and Buffalo (cheap and interesting and far), I've settled on South Buffalo (cheap and boring and close). I'm trying to give it a chance, but right now there's not a lot I can say about South Buffalo other than the rents are cheap and it's closer to work. If you made half of the stores on Hertel vacant, and populated the other half with an alternating series of Pizza shops and Irish pubs, you'd have Seneca St. Vacant store, Pizza & wing shop, Irish pub, rinse, recycle, repeat.

Crap, I should really go to bed. I guess I could catch a Guinness before last call.
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Category: geek

03/03/10 02:58 - 37ºF - ID#51100

Bill Website Frustation


When I spot this string of characters appended to the end of a web address (URL for geeks), it's usually a four letter harbinger of "this site's usability and functionality is gonna be sucktastic". If they appear on a site which is used for paying my bills online, it usually means I shouldn't even bother trying to pay my bills online, 'cause it ain't gonna work.
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Category: tasteless

01/16/10 11:03 - 34ºF - ID#50829

Pink Flamingos

Long time, no update. I should get better about that.

I'm looking for a tasteful gift for a housewarming party. Anyone know where in the Buffalo metropolitan area one can find a classic pink flamingo (WIKIPEDIA - Plastic_flamingo),
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