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Category: funny

06/16/09 02:33 - ID#48987

Fuckin' Beautiful

It's incubation of young minds like this that make me proud to be an alumnus of North Carolina State University.

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Category: funny

11/24/08 10:46 - ID#46824


Right now, I am laughing so hard that my stomach is aching and tears are rolling down my eyes. I almost never laugh this hard this genuinely.

Yeah, I guess I do have a really odd sense of humor.

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10/16/08 12:33 - ID#46143

Other Commonly Held Misconceptions

I found this during the last time I took my son to the Mosier clinic on Main St.


I always wondered why I never was able to find any Chlamydia on the Garden Walk.
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01/23/08 01:24 - ID#42999

Board Game

It makes me chuckle, especially since I've ended up literally playing the game backwards, moving from Raleigh, then seeing Lance diamond the first week I got here, to seeing the American side of Niagara Falls, and finally looking for someone cheap to live.

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10/19/07 12:54 - ID#41713

Hammer Time!

I wonder if she does govt. passport issuing offices?

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mike said to grandma
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