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07/29/08 09:19 - 72ºF - ID#45180


All the gays are tying the knot. Marc Jacobs just got hitched. I'm happy for him but sad that he'll no longer be a swinging single dude. He always used to be in the tabloids for dating escorts and having threesomes. He even had an obsessed ex.

Now that he's spoke for will the scandals end? For my sake I hope not.

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07/24/08 01:04 - 63ºF - ID#45124

Say it ain't so

Fitflops are all the rage now in NYC. I've know about them for a while because they advertise them in the Bliss catalogue and I'm always like "Really for $115 does anyone think these flip flops will really get them in shape? What happened to a stairmaster?"

Then I saw these advertised on the subway and I threw up in my mouth a little thinking "For the love of god- No."


And then I saw this picture and a little piece of me died. Why Julianne? Why? I know you starve yourself and live off of granola bars ( But now this?

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07/23/08 04:31 - 67ºF - ID#45113

Holy effing gay

So I just read in Gawker that Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler are getting married!!! It's like the two gayest designers are now joining forces to be one fierce uber designer. Wow. I totes want to go to that wedding.

  • For those not in the know:
Simon Doonan does the Barneys Windows and is world renowned for his amazing window designs.

Jonathan Adler does home furnishings and sculpture. I have one of his orginal pieces (it's really ugly). Oh, he was also on Bravo as a Judge for some show and you know I'm a sucker for crap like that.
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