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Category: music

05/20/08 08:49 - ID#44402

The only reason I thing Myspace is..


Tugboat Annie. My first, last and only true love. Holy shit they are amazing.
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Category: music

10/30/07 04:03 - ID#41888

Brit Brit

The long anticipated album Blackout drops today. And by long anticipated I mean I learned that its release is today because Circuit City is selling it for $8. This brings me to my question. Do I buy it? I've listened to it thanks to and my jobs internet connection. It's ok for the most part- some a lot of songs are awful. But it's only $8 and its good dancy music, in case I ever have a dance party in my shoe box apartment and need some dancy music action.

On a totally different note my mom asked me for a christmas list. I asked for the pig. She didn't seem really into it. Her reasoning was "But you don't collect pigs". Well maybe I do now mom! I want that damn pig.
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Category: music

01/26/07 04:16 - ID#37882

The Good, the Bad & the Queen

I can't decide if I like it or it annoys me.

Can't Damon Albarn just stay in one band for a while and see how that works out?

Take a listen:

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Category: music

07/26/06 12:51 - ID#22801

Dirty on Purpose is the new Bishop Allen

I've discovered this band Dirty on Purpose

I'm now obsessed with them. Sorry Bishop Allen, it had to end at some point.

Also I just returned from vacation. It was awesome and sucked.

I was the victim of a mugging attempt on the subway platform. That was fun. I was totally freaked out. It helped a lot that the construction workers also waiting for the train did nothing to help me. The one good thing that came of it was when I broke down crying at the Jetblue check in counter they held the plane for me and made sure my bags got on the plane too.

It also sucked that my aunt is neurotic and had rules about everything. certain color napkins had to be used. I didn't really obey the rules and it didn't make her happy. Oh well. Also no one was into drinking. Also my ex text messaged me all weekend. Also I got my period. None of that was fun.

What was fun was my 13 yr old cousin thinks I'm fantastic. I knew some day I'd be someone's role model. his mother is a little worried that he chose me to hang out with the whole time.

Seeing all my cousins and their families made me realize that I'm done with the whole single thing. I want a family and a house now with little babies. Also I'm pretty sure I'm over New York and the muggers who live here.

Disclaimer: I may change my mind on all of that tomorrow.
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Category: music

01/11/06 02:48 - ID#22741

Must See-No not NBC Thursday Nights

If you want to be part of the cool kids group then you must go see We Are Scientists at the Icon this friday. These dudes fucking rock the party and gave it all up tobe rockers. Who doesn't love that?

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Category: music

11/07/05 02:47 - ID#22724

Good Music

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