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Category: clout

02/28/06 02:43 - 22ºF - ID#22747

Backstage Passes

This past weekend I got a little taste of the rockstar lifestylo thanks to Lori. Some how this girl knows every b-ish level celeb here and in Philly. She got us backstage passes to a sold out show at Irving Plaza. It was for some semi-hardcore type band Silverstein. They actually turned out to be pretty good. Really though the best part is getting to wear the backstage pass, well that and the free booze. All the 13 year old girls were sweating that. Speaking of 13 year old girls, it was mostly 13 year old girls in attendance. As Lori and others like to point out quite frequently- I was by far the oldest female there, besides the parents who were there to pick up their kids.

Part #2 of why it rocked- we met this stylist there who also happened to be from the b'lo (yes it was like a Kenmore family reunion). This girl had a real Chanel bag as her gym bag. I wanted to rip it from her hands every time i saw it, only due to large amounts of corona in a can was I able to resist. Now that I have the Prada shoes my next goal is the Chanel tote as a gym bag.

On other news fronts the count down to St. Pattys day begins. I land in Buff at 5:35pm. I am hoping to be in a bar and drunk by no later than 6:30pm- that's assuming I'm not already drunk when I board the plane.
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Category: chillax

02/23/06 11:24 - 34ºF - ID#22746

My place in history

has been solidified:

Oh Paul sometimes you are the best friend a girl could have.

On another note: The band She Wants Revenge rocks the party. The song Tear You Apart is my fave song of the day. It's hot.
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Category: robots

02/14/06 01:06 - 34ºF - ID#22745

Because we all know it'll happen one day

In continuing with my theory that one day the robots will come for us I offer this book as a survival guide:

God damn- why don't I ever take my ideas and just run with them. I so could have written a Robot Attack survival guide.

And for the cool kids:

Be there or be square. Really who doesn't love a slightly slutty lead singer who flaunts the fact that new york girls will kick your ass city style. I'm jealous I can't go. Lilho will be there to represent for the Ho's. And I can say with 100% certainty she does the slightly slutty genre great justice.

And for some more news on the music front:
Bishop Allen has just released their new EP "January" as part of their year long EP release experiment. Get it now kids as it is a limited edition.

And if you haven't already jumped on the Arctic Monkeys band wagon I highly suggest you do. For a select few I'm willing to burn you an advance copy (imported straight from the streets of London).
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Category: gross out

02/07/06 04:41 - 27ºF - ID#22744

Little something for the end of the day

Because I'm beyond bored at work:

So the other day me and (e:paulie) were having a little chat and as always we ended up on a random topic: When people tell you their "sexy/provocative" stories thinking it's hot that they are telling you, yet really they are kind of gross. So then you have this horrific image in your head. Shivers.

On another note I have all these rocking new scientific friends. I totally dig the science nerds. Who knew all this time I just needed a little science in my life to perk me up.

And finally:

Last year I was home for valentine's day and as I was sitting on the Drexel ((E:pmt)'s couch) Paulie saddles up next to me and asks me to be his valentine. It was adorable. This year I don't believe that will happen :( I suppose I'll have to go with choice number two and take the (E:lilho) as my valentine. Looking on the bright side of that at least my valentine is funny and has stylo that could kick anyone's ass hands down...
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