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05/31/05 11:56 - ID#22664

I think I am dead

After four days of non stop partying like its 1995 with all the epeeps I need a vacation. Things tend to get a bit out of control when you combine the Ho sisters, nyc, alcohol and various other people. Seriously I don't think I drank anything other than various forms of alcohol for four days straight. I am going to bed as soon as I get home from work- I hope I make it through the day. The only thing that would have made it better is little paulie.
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Location: Jersey City, NJ

05/22/05 10:16 - ID#22663

I feel like Paul

So here I am at my inaugural stoop/really ghetto on the corner garage sale and I am connected to the Internet. I love wireless! I would have never imagined when I was young that I would be able to sit and surf the net via my laptop outside at my stoop sale. It makes the sitting out here begging people to buy my crap at little more bearable. Did I mention its like 60 degrees and raining intermittently? I hope I can make at least $100 today. Boy would that be sweet! OK peeps wish me luck...
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05/21/05 08:53 - ID#22662

I can never eat flafel again

The best falfel (sp?) joint near my house has the most amazing food ever. I mean out of this world so yummy in my tummy fat ass good. Lilho can testify about this. So tonight I go to get the combo w lamb (it has this amazing combo of yummy stuff) and the usual guy is there. He starts to ask all about me - what country I am from because no girl goes in there as much as me (weird i know) and how old am I blah blah. Then he wants to know about marriage?!! As in am i looking for a marriage? Hmmm lets see? No I am not. Then he gets a call asks them to hold and asks me to stay and continues to try and get my number. The problem with this is: The guy is really nice and I didn't want to be rude. I also love the food there. Can I go back now that I turned down his offer? Will it always be uncomfortable when I want a falfel?
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