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01/30/07 12:16 - 20ºF - ID#37921

Dinner Deliciousness

I actually cooked for myself. It was so worth it. I made the guac and pico from scratch. I'll be having left overs tonight, mmm.

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Category: wishing upon a star

01/29/07 03:09 - 19ºF - ID#37910

Hopes and Dreams

I have a love hate realtionship with all the electronics in my life. I love them and they hate me. Ok so maybe that one time I dropped my laptop I wasn't loving it as much as I should, but still. In any case I have a variety of disabled electronics. This weekend a miracle happened. I knew eventually it would. My ipod started working again! For one year it has:

1. refused to take a charge
2. refused to load new songs
3. refused to turn on
4. refused to accept the love I was clearly trying to give it

On Sunday at 10:30 am EST a miracle happened in a little studio apartment in Jersey City. My ipod returned to life. I knew it would someday. All it needed was me loving it and never giving up hope. Below is H to the Izzo in all her working ipod glory.

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Category: music

01/26/07 04:16 - 17ºF - ID#37882

The Good, the Bad & the Queen

I can't decide if I like it or it annoys me.

Can't Damon Albarn just stay in one band for a while and see how that works out?

Take a listen:

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Category: fun things

01/26/07 02:36 - 15ºF - ID#37877


So today at work I got flowers delivered. At first I was uber excited thinking they were from a boy. I had a date this week, and it was suprisingly successful. Sadly though they werent from a boy. They were from my boss. I still love them, either way.
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Category: dress

01/19/07 03:56 - 29ºF - ID#37780


once you see how adorable this dress is you might die. I just ordered it online. I'm almost peeing my pants in anticipation for its arrival.

Feast your eyes:

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Category: sworn nemisis

01/17/07 05:00 - 24ºF - ID#37746


This fucker deleted "Chillax" from Wikipedia. He is now my sworn nemisis.

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Category: brooklyn

01/16/07 11:37 - 19ºF - ID#37717

Manhattan Bridge

Sunday I had the worst brunch I've ever eaten. And it was expensive. I highly do not recommend Bubby's in Dumbo. What I do suggest though is going to Dumbo in Brooklyn. The view of the city was one of the best I've seen and the architecture was quite interesting. The picture I like best is of the manhattan bridge. I'm a terrible photographer, but even I couldn't mess this one up.

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01/16/07 11:24 - 19ºF - ID#37716

My odd obsession

I have this fetish for nice paper and ribbon. Kate's (a high end paper and ribbon store in NYC) was having a sale. Kate's+ 50% off sale=orgasmic happiness for Jessica.

Below are the spoils of my shopping trip. And yes when I got home I did caress the ribbon in a creepy way.

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Category: holiday

01/15/07 05:07 - 30ºF - ID#37703

Christmas 2006

I've had pictures on my camera forever waiting to be uploaded. Now my blog will be more interesting than my usual "oh boys" & "i have a zit".

Feast your eyes below, Think of it as a pictorial journey through my travels to Buffalo:

Little Paul was so kind and got up early to get me at the airport so I bought him breakfast.
Then we went driving around and saw Asses of Fire. I'm quite sure I don't ever want to be familar with any ass of fire or have my ass feel like its on fire.
The we saw the infamous "Lady in White". I miss her. I made Paul pull up right next to her so I could take a picture to remember her when I'm homesick in NYC.
I gave Paul a present (he didn't give me one in return at that point). He loves this lotion. He's been stealing it from me since 1994.
I made Paul a ladybug. I think it's cute.
We then had a photoshoot at Spot. It was fun.
Aww friends
At the Outback there are NO RULES yeah! (pump your fist in the air as you say it, its more fun)
With out consulting with each other Sarah and I both picked the SAME color scheme for Christmas (pink and blue). God are we sisters or what?
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01/09/07 05:18 - 31ºF - ID#37614

I almost had the motivation

to post, but my funk continues and I won't.

What is wrong w me?

Well actually I know. Thomas J. I hate that he makes me so sad and it takes me so long to get over disappointment from him.
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