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01/03/07 03:12 - 43ºF - ID#37524

Ok so secret santa

So for the second year in a row I've participated in a secret santa extravaganza and both times I gave a gift and didn't get anything in return. Next year I am boycotting all secret santa type programs. Am I the only one this happens to?

Other than my bitterness over secret santas my life is pretty boring. My apartment is actually clean, which is always a sure sign that I have entirely too much time on my hands.

Maybe when I regain my motivation I'll post pictures of my recent adventures in Buffalo and NYC. But don't hold your breath.
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12/13/06 03:01 - 44ºF - ID#22834

Squirrels Gone Wild

This was on the front page of

It scared me. This is what they will look like when they finally decide to take revenge and kill Paul Matt and Terry in their sleep.


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Category: screwing the man

12/13/06 11:47 - 50ºF - ID#22833

Free Music

Because like Jack black in School of Rock I'm all about sticking it to the man:

Check out when you get the chance! Sign up for the 14-day trial period, download 25 songs, then cancel! How do they make money?!?!?!

-Note I stole this idea from a co-worker with whom I used to make out. It's not my original find.
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Category: karma

11/30/06 12:05 - ID#22830

Why is my karma so fucking good?

Ok so five minutes ago I was on the phone with my friend. I was telling her about how my mom is coming here for my birthday, my 30th birthday. Then she was asking what we were going to do blah blah. So I was like "well i was going to try to get a room in the city, but they are all $700 plus right now, so we'll do it up jersey style". then we continued to blab and blab. I hang up and one of my co-workers walks over and said she couldn't help over hearing my conversation and wanted to know if I want a room in the city. She said she has more points than she can ever use. I was like "uh, sure?" She then promptly gets on the phone, books me a room at the W Union Square and upgrades me to the mac daddy room. What?!? Seriously that is super nice.

Lately good karma has been flowing non stop towards me. On Thanksgiving day (after being dumped) I dropped a $20 on my way to the store. Once I got to the check outline I realized I didn't have it. Ran out of the store and FOUND IT on the street.

I dropped a $5 on the PATH- someone picked it up and handed it to me.

I dropped my key card for work, someone picked it up and handed it to me.

Maybe 30 is going to be the best year yet!
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Category: dumpsville

11/30/06 09:46 - ID#22829

Getting Dumped is the new Thanksgiving

So on thanksgiving i was "dumped" by the midwestern boy via voicemail. and by boy i mean he was 35 and does his business via voicemail. for about 30 minutes i wanted to cry, then i realized my ego was more bruised than my feelings. thank goodness thanksgiving rocked the house, soon i forgot all about stupid boys who are lame.

below is a pictorial journey of my day:

Aww Sisters

Aww Friends

Aww Emily and Eamon

The Chefs

The Spread

Everyone digging in

I kinda want Thanksgiving all over again now

Me and Carolyn

20 bottles of wine and 2 turkeys later...

Seriously I highly recommend thanksgiving in NYC with your friends, its fantastic fun.

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11/22/06 01:51 - ID#22828

I make a mean beertini

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but Im lazy. This is my infamous beertini from the high point of my summer. Barfing in a garbage can near NYCs oldest cemetery and being escorted to the PATH train by the po po. I can only hope my 30th birthday bring such fun.


Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'm quite stoked about my current thanksgiving plans. They include a shameful amount of wine, 2 turkeys, 2 Ho's, lots of scientists and mismatched placemats. How can you go wrong with that combo? I don't think you can.

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Category: snow free nyc

10/13/06 11:01 - 37ºF - ID#22824

Hi Buffalo

Just to give everyone a taste of the weather in NYC I've taken some pictures. Note 2 things:

1. The lack of snow
2. The Abundance of Sunshine

I heart NYC bitches

Imagine what it would be like if you were in NYC with no snow. It would look like this.

Swanky view

Hi my friends in the land of snow
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09/26/06 04:04 - 62ºF - ID#22822

Some things that are of concern to me

Lately Ive been thinking about a number of things that bother me. Well besides the war, what good old georgie will do next, the state of our current education system and the future of the state of NJ. I think about those all the time. These are just random additions. First and foremost I recently read an article on Tomato's that really bothered me. I found out that all red tomato's (we'll call it red for short)you find in the store are produced as such:

Red's growth was tightly controlled every step of the way; elements had little opportunity to leave an imprint on it.To simplify packing, the tomato is plucked from the vine before it's ripe, at a stage called "mature green"-fully grown but with the texture closer to an apple-and emptied into a vast "gondola" for washing and sorting.

From there, the tomato heads by truck to a packing plant, where it receives a disinfecting chlorinated bath, a cooldown (a mature green tomato can chill for two weeks at 58 degrees Fahrenheit without any noticeable consequences), and a stay in the ripening room, a chamber filled with ethylene, which turns tomatoes the desired sunset shade.

Finally, Red is sorted for size, eyeballed for imperfections, slicked with food-grade vegetable wax (making it glossy and impervious to the bumpy ride ahead), and piled into a 25-pound ventilated carton. After a two-day, 1,250-mile journey, it arrives at a New York supermarket, where it can sit for a week without any change in texture or taste, such as it is.

I knew there was a reason I didn't like tomato's from the store!


Secondly: Do men really need the most space ever for their penis's while sitting down? Today on the train this dude was taking up so much space you'd think he had a case of elephantiasis. Which I'm sure he didn't. That bothers me. Only take up the space you need on the train.

Thirdly: I keep having these dreams that I'm dating Jay-Z. In my dream it's a really good relationship. Maybe he should dump Beyonce?

This is the worst post ever, I just had to get that off my chest.

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Category: potpourri

09/15/06 04:02 - 65ºF - ID#22819

Because I havent posted in forever

I'll post a little something for the fans out there. Or just the 5 people who actually read my blog. So:

1. There's nothing like Fashion Week to make you feel like the: fattest, shortest, ugliest, most unfashionable person in the city. Really it's awesome. I went down to Bryant Park the other day to stalk whatever celebs I could see. No luck in seeing anyone famous. I did however see models and lots of expensive looking stuff. Yea for fashion.

2. I finally sucked it up and got a new phone because of the whole Cingular debacle. I hate it. I loved my old phone. The guy looked at it and laughed. He didn't think they made phones like that anymore. The new phone is way to small to actually be of any use. I make fun of the Gordon Gekko brick cell phone, but really I mock it because I love it. I wish I had one.

3. Apple came out with the new ipods. I love them and will be buying one. They are so small now. All I can think of is the SNL skit they did with the ever shrinking ipod. Except now its actually happening.

4. I actually purchased a ticket to Buffalo for Sept 29-Oct 1. Be ready to party like a rockstar!! I fully expect everyone to be at PMT's house warming party so I can either mock you or be friends with you. Either one. (please realize that was 75% sarcasm and 25% actual)

5. It's 3:48pm and I can't wait to get the heck out of work.

6. On a more somber note. I'm so glad 9/11 has come and gone again for another year. My mom called me about 5 times that day to check on me. On one hand, it was nice. On the other I didn't really want to discuss it 5 times. It's days like that when you realize that no matter what nyc is an amazing city. for one day fewer people were jerks. it was almost like everyone in the city was giving each other a big hug. then the next day back to everyone giving each other the finger. i like both equally.

And finally:

7. To give (e:chico) & (e:chicoschica) their proper due:

They were the first to post about Kickball. I was referring to Dodgeball. Two very different sports as I point out to (e:chico). One you kick the ball at people's head's and the other you thow the ball at people's head's. Both played by hipsters in knee socks, but at their core very different. Mea Culpa!!
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Category: visco

09/08/06 12:03 - 73ºF - ID#22818

This is dedicated to

[hilite]Michael Visco[hilite]

Sigh Mike, you are so awesome. Who else tells me that I never let the sexy get away?

You are by far my favorite Visco.

Also I have recently discovered why I only dated older men. Younger ones are flakes. Big time. If you could see me right now I'd be shaking my fist in irritation at the thought of youngins. They are hot, have stellar libidos, but the responsibility is lacking. Ugh.

On a happier note. It's the weekend. Joy. My apartment is clean, and a good majority of my laundry is done. The world is my oyster.
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