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08/08/07 09:34 - 79ºF - ID#40438

holy moly where have I been?

hey all -
i got caught in a wormhole. Is it still 2007?

i promise to post now that i have almost unlimited time on my hands. ha!

thanks for the kudos on the photos from letchworth. (e:chico) and I had a blast.

imk - yes yes yes - let's go hiking sometime.

libertad - i've been around. been up and down - strikes and gutters. but i'm getting back on my feet a little. la vida es dificil a veces. and, man, does that suck. *sigh*

By the way - Happy Moving-to-Buffalo One Year Anniversary to me and the (e:chico)- man!!

Heading to la playa in NJ this week - li'l sister and her boyfriend are up from TX. We are going to veg and bond. I need it bad. Looking forward to to follow.

Thanks peeps -
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10/15/06 02:36 - 48ºF - ID#21227

City of Good Neighbors

As a transplant from NJ, I just want to say...Buffalo - you rock.

This is a link to an editorial from the BuffaloNews discussing some of the neighborliness post-storm.

We have also been the beneficiaries of good will when a couple of neighbors came around with their own chainsaws to take away fallen trees from Agassiz Circle and in front of our house and others. (Including (e:chico) - sans chainsaw, but was out there dragging debris!)

People have also been policing themselves at the Parkside/198 intersection - the lights have been out all weekend, yet people are stopping on the expressway to let people out from Parkside and Agassiz Circle. (I think there might have been a minor fender bender there last night, but so far, no catastrophes.)

Across the 198, Delaware Park looks like something out of tornado alley - in many cases just trunks sticking out of the ground. I hope they can salvage some of the trees there - I would like to find a way to help if I can...

In the meantime - thanks Buffalonians - I salute you [us? ;-) ]!!
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10/13/06 09:00 - 43ºF - ID#21226

I service society by rocking

Just one of the things I've enriched my brain with today - Jack Black's School of Rock, hockey games, the Dog Whisperer (how does he DO that?) and other assorted sundries.

Yes we have power up here near the park.

I ventured outside today with el Chico just around the bend (which is where I'll be if I can't get out on the street soon - can you say stir crazy!!). Took some of them wound up on on their "i-reporter" gallery!! woohoo! Pretty swell...

In any case, I can't tell you how totally deflated and depressing it is to see all of the poor trees in our neighborhood alone. I feel SO bad for them - I hope some survive, though I know many won't - like the one in our front yard that split through its trunk into three pieces, one of which is blocking the road.

The real issue is the giant tree blocking the entrance to the circle - we won't get out even if we were to plow from the inside out - it has to be sawed away.

Anyway, here's some photos I took from around Agassiz Circle near Medaille campus today...and from around the house where we live..


the 198 across from Delaware Park...

our landlord's son with a giant snow boulder he made. He is standing in the "street" in front of our house - you can see our tree in the street right behind him...

this is so sad...






Stay warm peeps!!

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10/12/06 08:50 - 33ºF - ID#21225

We made history today!

"The Buffalo Airport had officially received 3 inches of snow
through 8pm. This makes October 12, 2006 the third snowiest day in
October in 137 years of weather records. Six inches of snow
occurred on October 13, 1909 and again on October 31, 1917."


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09/14/06 11:20 - 62ºF - ID#21224

Buffalo So Needs This!

According to this article in the New York Times, kickball leagues have been sprouting up all over America:

I don't know if kickball is a big deal in grade schools in Buffalo, but I remember it as being great fun, requiring very little athletic ability, and maybe vaguely dangerous -- if a red rubber playground ball could possibly be dangerous. You do get to throw it at people -- sort of a combination of softball and dodgeball. You know you love it.

Anyway, it's a funny idea. I think we need to start a kickball league in Buffalo next spring. Let me know if you're into it!


Nationwide adult kickball association:

A kickball [league] grows in Brooklyn:

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